For years, women have been living with the stereotype of being considered poorer drivers and riders as compared to men. However, changing times and perspectives not only demand such stereotypes to be addressed but also abolished. Such a phenomenon must immediately take place for the simple reason that surveys conducted throughout the world point to an entirely opposite aspect of such a stereotype. In studies conducted by countries such as the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland, it has been seen that not only are women far safer drivers as compared to men, they are annually observed to have been in lesser accidents and collisions. Women drivers are also fined less often as compared to men for over speeding in busy roads. 

How these statistics affect insurance policies?

Even though ignorant claimants have not yet stopped with their propagation of such stereotypes against women, insurance companies such as Kotak General Insurance have taken notice of such surveys and shifted their insurance policies greatly for the advantage of women. These policies have not remained limited to car insurance policy but are now also offered on two wheelers, previously considered less of a vehicle preference for women. These online bike insurance policies are now more privileged for women and another reason for such a preference can also be attributed to the fact that on an average rate a woman lives longer than a man. 

What women get

It is important that you remember while you buy two wheeler insurance that insurance companies provide you with greater advantages because of your gender. Therefore, it is necessary that you go through the policies that are applicable for a woman and not decide anything on the basis of the policies that you have heard about from your male rider acquaintances. It must be understood that you, as a woman rider, are provided the same number of benefits in your insurance endowment plans but at a rate of interest lower than that of men. 

Who could be your ideal insurer

As a responsible investor, it is important that you are also made aware of the number of insurers that are willing to provide you with the services you need. In case of online bike insurance or otherwise, there are not that a lot of plans available in the market that are specifically designed keeping women in mind. However, some two wheeler insurance providers such as Kotak General Insurance make up for that deficiency adequately for the simple reason that they are constructed in such a superior and foolproof fashion. This is to encourage more women to take up riding bikes that they otherwise avoid for lack of safety.

Difference in rates

One of the most important reasons why more and more women should consider taking up the usage of two wheelers for their day to day conveyance is that the bike insurance calculator used in case of men and women is much different in today’s time. While most added benefits were previously provided to men, after the release of such surveys, women are provided greater discounts on their annual premium on their online bike insurance. Women are also provided certain other emergency services that increase the element of safety in them riding bikes manifold.