Student years are always a rush. You are struggling to manage your studies, your student loan, your work, and your life. That’s a lot for one person.

Few can get through without a bit of digital assistance. This is why we have gathered a list of educational applications for students that will make your life easier.


Many students won’t even go near YouTube when they study. It only takes a five-minute video to start a four-hour binge, and you know where that leads you. You come to the exam without much knowledge and with very little sleep.

However, fueling your procrastination is not the only aim of the platform. As a matter of fact, it is arguably one of the best free educational apps for students. On YouTube, you can learn anything.

From dancing to making a Thai dish few people know about, from building a house to solving advanced mathematical formulas, YouTube has you covered. 

Create a new Google account for learning only and subscribe to relevant channels. Make learning a habit!

If you’re not using academic writing services to get the work done for you, you are probably lost in notes. Or you lose notes all the time.

Notes are tricky things to handle. You get a brilliant idea for your thesis in the subway, you write it down on a napkin, you forget it in a cafe. Most students waste more time on gathering notes than they do on writing the paper.

With Evernote, all your notes are easily accessible and stored in one place. You can even search them for the one you need.

You have to pay a small fee to make it cross-platform, though. If you are dead sure you don’t want to spend a dime, you can use Google Docs or One Note instead. Keep in mind that this may be more of a hassle, however.

myHomework Student Planner App
Do you always forget about the next class? Do you stumble when the teacher asks what the assignment was? If your answer is yes, then this is the app to use.

The myHomework app is an organizer with a minimalistic design and a full set of features that you need. You can get all your classes, homework, and deadlines in order with just a few taps. It will regularly send you reminders about what is due, so you don’t miss a thing.


Textbooks can be a nuisance in the world driven by technology. Whether it’s because you’re used to reading from a screen or don’t want to carry the books around, they’re just not the best way to go.

Scan the books with this app and have them at your fingertips in PDF format whenever you need them.

Your college degree may land you high-paying jobs. But, knowing languages can make that paycheck even higher. Duolingo is the best Google Play will get you in this respect.

You may need to hone your speaking skills with real people, but everything else is covered by this app. You can enrich your vocabulary and build a solid understanding of grammar here.

Sure, some of the ridiculous things Duolingo asks to write became a meme, but the method works. What’s more important, you can learn anywhere and at your own pace.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a great place if you got everything you could from YouTube. They have a huge variety of courses on most basic topics you may be interested in. 

Learn maths, science, and humanities on this platform without haste and deadline pressure. The best thing about it is that you can download it for free and don’t have to pay anything to progress.

Khan Academy is a great place to give you a head start on many subjects before you begin a course in college. It’s also a great option if you want to keep your knowledge fresh as you go. Preparing for GMAT or any other exam? Khan Academy can help you do that as well.