You probably read that CBD oil will benefit dogs. But there are some facts you should know. Before giving your dog CBD, read this guide on hemp oil for dogs.
As a doggy parent, you'd do anything to keep your pup feeling their best. Unfortunately, many medications come with unpleasant side effects for suffering pets.

An increasing number of pet owners today turn to the new natural alternative, cannabidiol (CBD). With the rising CBD health trend, you should know the facts about hemp oil for dogs to see if it can help your pup feel better.

Hemp Oil for Dogs
Of course, you want to find a more natural remedy for your pet than the traditional medications. Is the grass greener on the other side? Read on to learn all about CBD and dogs.

What Is CBD?
Hemp plants contain a number of biologically important cannabinoids, including THC, CBN, and CBD. CBD comes from the hemp flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Is CBD Marijuana?
Though CBD also comes from all types of cannabis plants and contributes to the rising marijuana stocks, it is not the same as pot. CBD does not create a high like its counterpart, THC.  

Why Give Your Pup CBD?
Like humans, dogs have cannabinoid receptors in their body. The brain contains CB1 receptors, producing the high when THC binds to them. Immune cells and organs contain CB2 receptors, activating an indirect immune response when CBD binds to other receptors that activate them.

This gives CBD potential healing properties. Cannabinoid research suggests that CBD effectively treats a number of conditions.

CBDs anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent candidate for treating conditions like arthritis and IBS. The compound's pain relieving properties work for injuries, glaucoma, and a number of painful conditions. 

Additionally, it helps cancer patients manage nausea and pain from both the disease and treatments. CBD also interrupts brain signaling that causes epilepsy and other seizure disorders. 

CBD treats more than physical ailments. It also works to soothe anxiety and encourages sleep. 

Though vets can prescribe a number of other medications for these conditions, many of them cause side effects ranging from annoying to life-threatening. CBDs downfall here is that the research results only suggest that it will work this way in dogs. They lack CBD studies conducted with dogs directly.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs
The common side effects of CBD for dogs include:
Dry mouth 
Appetite changes
Mellowed mood
Decreased blood pressure

Every biologically active component will cause some side effects. CBDs seem to be less severe than those with many medications.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs
Not all CBD oil comes the same way. You should look for a few things in a CBD oil, to ensure your pooch gets the best stuff. 

The best CBD oil for your pup will come from hemp and contain little to no THC. It will also come from a company that does not skip crucial processing steps to save money, so it may cost a little bit more than the alternatives. It should not smell or taste strong and should appear colorless.

Only the Best for Your Bestie
Armed with the info on hemp oil for dogs, only you can decide what your best friend needs. Though research shows much promise, they still need to conduct studies on dogs to get more accurate info on how it exactly affects them.

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