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The famous lifestyles of individuals around us aren't always as glamorous as they seem. Here are five famous people with psychological health problems with amazing facts you never know about.

1. Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields discussed her postpartum depressive disorders in the book Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression. 

This type of melancholy is seen in females after giving birth. It may range from being gentle in nature to quite intense. In Brooke Shields' case, she says that she, in the beginning, had issues bonding with her child and then had negative thoughts of hurting herself. 

Postpartum depressive disorders last longer than baby blues and make a person feel completely useless, constantly restless, and anxious. The actress sorted out her psychological disorder with the aid of medications and professional guidance.

2. Michael Phelps
The highly adorned Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps was clinically diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) when he reached grade seven. 

This made him unable to sit in a classroom and concentrate on his studies all day every day. In accordance with his mother, Deborah Phelps, she said that “it was actually swimming and medication that made it easier for him to manage his condition”. 

Michael Phelps who is known for his gold medals has risen to stardom with incredible diligence and with a nature that couldn't be shattered despite the odds against it.

3. Mel Gibson
Before he became the legendary knight in the battleground to avenge the demise of his girlfriend, Mel Gibson was notorious for drastically wrong reasons such as his practical jokes and the tendency for after-hours partying. He too is the prey of BPD (Bipolar Disorder). He talked about his swift changes in moods while shooting 2004 documentary with his classmate. 

4. Halle Berry
A break up from baseball player David Justice brought Halle Berry on the brink of divorce. 
This also pushed her to the verge of taking her own life. On the other hand, it was when she enrolled for therapy, she knows that she could possibly cope with it and come out stronger than ever before.

5. Jim Carrey
It's rather not easy to believe that Jim Carrey was a sufferer of depressive disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. To manage and control his major depression, he turned to take Prozac for quite some time. 

Luckily, today he's off these medicines and instead seeks his more faith-based side to fight episodes of depressive disorders.

It's easy to think that fame comes with a life that's straightforward to live. That every little thing from there on is going to be dished up on a gold platter, and one will come to life with marvelous rainbows and butterflies. Having said that, these superstars have much that is similar to us commoners. A psychological disorder, nevertheless small or big, doesn't discriminate socioeconomic statuses. It's a peril that exists close enough to all of us.