Studies establish that the millennial generation is the most stressed generation and spends nearly 20 per cent of the year worrying and tossing and turning on the bed, without proper sleep. That’s 63 days a year! So, is that it? A few studies and no solution for how to reduce the stress! A generation that is basically in its early teens and youth is going to spend its life stressed and in search of some relief? Is this how it is supposed to be? Well not, if you want it to be!

The Ultimate Solution to Stress: Flowers

If you are feeling stressed and gloomy, flowers are your knight in the shining armour. The phase of bad mood stretched longer due to a working weekend and an argument back at home? It is time to give yourself the gift of flowers! The best thing with flowers is that they are the certified ambassador that can be gifted anytime, anywhere and to anyone! You can buy flowers for your loved ones or choose to gift them to yourself. Of course, they are the best bet for birthday gifts and anniversary presents but honestly, you don’t need an occasion for them! A ‘just because’ is good enough. Want to feel better, just search list of florists in India and book flowers online from best florist! Need to brighten up the decor a bit; flowers come to your rescue! Your friend feels down and low because of professional turmoil, it is the time to send flowers and express your best wishes.

While flowers can’t substitute medical help and expertise of doctors, their positive impact on physical and psychological stress has been well- documented and well-researched by the scientists.

Studies have proved that flowers improve mood and lift the spirits. A fresh bunch of blooms at the workplace enhances the productivity of employees and focus. If you know anybody who has been ill and could use some positivity around, send flowers to cheer them up and spread hope! NASA had also published the list air-purifying plants and flowers that can help in improving the situation a great deal. Since ambience also plays a key role in one’s state of mind and with flowers, you can always accentuate it for better.

Brighten Up Your Day with Flowers

The fragrance and colour of flowers stir up positive vibes in one and all. They are perhaps the most beautiful and pocket-friendly gift one can give. The perfect gift that doesn’t cost you a fortune and nobody can say no to! Besides, they are never too late or too less! Be it a single stem rose or a bunch of orchids, they are both going to cheer you up! The luxury quotient might be different but the joy brought upon won’t.

If you love yourself, gift yourself some flowers! Let your loved ones know that you are always there for them with flowers! The blooms are called the universal symbol of love, happiness and emotions and rightly so! Don’t wait and let’s try to break the vicious cycle of stress with fresh and fragrant flowers!