Life’s busy. Between work, friends, hobbies and sleeping — who has room for fashion? It’s easy to follow the same old formula for your life — and for your clothes.

Jeans + T-Shirt = Ready for the bar.
Sweatshirt + Yoga Pants = Time to grocery shop.
Button Down + Slacks = Going to work.
PJ’s + Fluffy Socks = Heading to bed.

Does your sense of fashion line up with the above? It’s an easy rhythm to get into and hard to break out of. And yet somehow there are many people who can turn your basic equation into a fashion-week-worthy look. Boring fashion formulas happen because, for lots of people, style is just difficult. You may be trying hard to pull off the casual relaxed looks you see on Instagram with what you have in your closet. You need to learn how to transform a bland, boring look into a classy sophisticated one. Changing your tried-and-tired outfits takes a few tips.

It doesn’t take much to create a serious impact. With our tips you’ll look and feel like a whole new person. Ready to make your boring look classy?

Sneakers2 + Boots2 + 1 Dress Shoes = All the shoes you’ll need.
Yes, that’s going to be quite a few shoes. But it’s so worth it. A wider selection of shoes actually expands the amount of outfits you’ll have in your wardrobe. Wearing heels with jeans dresses up an outfit, while wearing flip flops and a dress makes things feel more low-key. An all-black outfit can have some added spice with a pair of bold print sneakers. The point is, expand your shoe wardrobe first and you’ll see how quickly people start to notice a change in what you’re wearing.

Scarves + Necklaces = Instant wardrobe refresh.
Just like shoes change up an entire outfit, so can a scarf or necklace. Change the “mood” of your outfit with the right kind of jewelry. A small, dainty diamond necklace can be just the trick to look sophisticated. A chunky patterned scarf can add a touch of fun and personality wherever you go. Be selective in your pieces and recognize that these small details add more of an impact than you might think.

Sunglasses + New Haircut = That missing personal touch.
Sunglasses are one of the most functional accessories anyone can own. They’re great for many reasons, and not just for preventing squinting on bright sunny days. Finding the right pair is like having a signature scent or lipstick. You can wear your sunglasses with anything. It’s one repeat you can’t tire out. You may check out  Rheos Gear for sunnies that you’ll love. And with a fresh new haircut that frames your face, your shades will stand out even more.

One Size for All + Your Body = Put it back where it belongs.
Now that you’ve got the accessories down, it’s time to focus on the foundation of your outfits. Toss out all of the clothes in your wardrobe that were once a medium and are now a strange, baggy large. Get rid of every pair of pants you swore you’d fit back into. And step away from anything labeled “one size fits all.” People look good in simple outfits because they understand what fits on their body. Try out different shapes and styles, from a-line skirts to to v-neck tees and beyond. Not everything flatters every body. So focus on the fit before the purchase.

Basics + Layers = Sophisticated look with little effort.
Solid colored shirts, standard jeans and slacks, all of these items are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. Everyone says start with basics but some people just stop with basics too. The way to make your basics actually work for you is to layer them. A long sleeve top over a collared shirt adds some depth to your outfit. A patterned blouse with a solid color cardigan helps make the blouse pop even more. Treat your basics like accessories and you’ll have a winning strategy for your everyday!

Apply what you’ve learned to your closet and see just how dramatic the change is. We’re willing to bet that your “blah” attitude about fashion and “bleh” closet will quickly fade away. So, what’s the last equation to solve your wardrobe woes?

You + These 5 Tips = A winning fashion formula.