Is your big day getting closer? Are you excited about getting hitched? Before you pop corks and party, you need to do a considerable amount of preparation. One of the most vital details you need to put in order is your invitation cards. 

Invitation cards are important because they can help set the tone of your event, create anticipation and help your guests find the right info they need. Not to mention they are fun and memorable. They can be kept as mementoes for you to enjoy in the future.

You can go for standard invitation cards, but it would be best if you use personalised stationery to add your sense of style to it. Don’t know how to design it? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out the guide below:

1. Size and shape

The dimensions of your card are your choice. You can use the traditional rectangular or square-shaped ones, or you can be unique about it by choosing irregularly-shaped cards. You can go for circular or hexagonal ones.  

2. Theme 

How do you envision your wedding? Are you leaning towards a casual ranch-style wedding in a bar? Would you want it to be a beach wedding? Do you want to do a traditional church wedding? It’s entirely up to you what you would like to do. But, your invitation cards must match. 

If you have a beach wedding, for example, then nautically-themed invitations would be the most appropriate. 

3. Layout

The layout can be challenging if you have little to zero knowledge of design. You should find the right balance between text and graphics. If you are finding it hard to organise all the elements, you should ask some of your friends to help you out.

4. Material

Invitation cards are now not limited to paper. You can have them printed on other mediums such as metal sheets or fabric. The choice is yours. You just need the right print shop to do it for you. 

5. Typography

What type of lettering is the most appealing for you? There is a wide array you can choose from nowadays. Picking out the right typeface can enhance the appearance of your invitation cards. You can opt for anything you want as long as it remains readable and it is still aligned with your chosen theme.

6. Printer

Settle on the type of print you want. You can choose embossed, engraved, letterpress, laser cut or foiled.

7. Images/Assets

Some people want their photo on the cards, and many people like to use more casual or candid shots on them. You can choose to do this. Or, if you want, you can stick to illustrations if that is more your style. You can also opt out of including images and graphics on your card if you wish. 

These are the things you need to think about and determine to create a well-crafted invitation card for your wedding. So, without further ado, start brainstorming!