Sewing is one of the oldest crafts available to us. We always used this ability firstly with needle and thread. As time went by sewing machines, step up to the scene and give us more abilities. If you know how to sew you can make your very own additions. Even if you don’t have any knowledge try and learn. You won’t be disappointed or waste your time. It is always beneficial in the long run. 

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can buy one. They are durable and affordable. Make sure to check all the sewing machine and coverstitch machine reviews before purchasing whenever you buy one. Whether you find one online or just go to a store and buy one. Let’s see our ten simple sewing projects for everyday use.

1. Pen Holder

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One of the first sewing projects to try is the pen holder. They come in handy for children to store their drawing accessories and some other thing inside. The best thing is you can be so creative and use it in many different ways. It doesn’t matter if it is for one, two, five or more pens. You might make it be multifunctional. Except pens smaller notes or books can fit. 

2.  Bookmark

You are the type who reads a lot and enjoys well-written novels. Or you are a student and need a bookmark to track your reading. Get sewing and make one. Choose softer material, rougher ones can damage the paper and scrape it. Next, you can choose your color to match your book or novel. Be sure to take careful measurements, you don’t want to make it bigger so it won’t fit. Slimmer material is also recommended to stop the book structure to expand and damage itself. 

3.  Book Bag or Case

We talked about bookmarks, but what about a book bag or case. You don’t want your books to be found where ever you left them. First, take your measurements, you can make for all your books. Or separately for different sizes. It really depends how are well you like them organizes and fitted. The good idea is to match them by colors, for instance, blue for novels, red for textbooks, green for studying book and so on. Many possibilities are available to start on yours. 

4.  Laptop Case

We are all using technology gadgets today. What about a case for your laptop or tablet and maybe you would like something good for your smartphone. As always take your measurements carefully and start sewing. You make one separate for every device. Or if you have the ideas combine them so all of them will fit. Even there is an option to make two of them meet. Combination of book and laptop will come in handy as you work many ideas will come into play. 

5.  Pajamas

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For the more advanced sewing machine users, you can make your own pajamas. Why not, it’s a great project. Even they seem complicated at the beginning. Choose the perfect material for you and the right color you prefer. Measure the person you want to make them for. Or it could be yourself, try first one pair for you and when you learn to do them right. Start to offer others your professional sewing services. 

6.  Summer Accessories 

If you are a fan of the summer, you can use your embroidery machine or your coverstitch machine for some summer accessories. Bag for your clothes and towel, cross bag for those long summer walks. Instead of buying one, sew and embroidery your own design. If you don’t have any materials, you can search for some old clothes at your house. Why not use them, check if they are damaged somehow and create something good out of them. 

7.  Winter accessories

Winter accessories can also be made ear warmers, headbands, caps or gloves for the advanced sewing machine users. Like before you can use some old clothing for your project or visit a material shop. Headband and ear warmer always come in handy. 

8.  Toys

Try to make some toys for your children or friends and relatives children. It is easy to cut the patterns you like. Fill them with some soft material. Firstly done the body then you can quickly stitch some eyes, mouths, hair or other things you prefer. They are an excellent way to practice your abilities on the sewing machine.

9.  Pillowcases 

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Pillowcases are of one of the easiest to be done. You can easily buy or reuse any material in your home. Pillow for your kids, or your room they can be done by everyone. Just choose the desired material.

10.  Glasses

Last, why try to sew cases for your glasses. Either summer or winter we all use them. Even for glasses that are correcting eyes. Choose material, color, and start.


Owning and using a sewing machine has its benefits, as we covered these ten sewing projects, you can see how fun and handy they can be. One should be owned in almost every home. The best thing is they can be used by all.

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