Celebrities love wearing wide-leg pants, because they are comfortable and fashionable. Actually, these pants are a classic clothing item that can get you out of trouble on multiple occasions, when you do not know what to wear. People are usually associating the wide-leg pants with the hippie trend. But they can be worn for multiple events, not only at a beach party. When it comes to wide-leg pants, it is crucial to find a pair that compliments your hips and waist.

This model of pants is perfect for both evening dates and office work. If some people find intimidating to wear pants with extra fabric, many women love them, because they lengthen the legs and accentuate the waist. If you want to include this clothing item in your wardrobe, then you have to pay attention to some tips and tricks, because they will help you put together some fashionable outfits

Buy a pair in a neutral shade
If this is the first pair of wide-leg pants you buy, then you should invest in one in a neutral shade, because one in a bold colour may intimidate you and you may not know how to wear it. If you have to easily put together an outfit, you should opt for a pair in a colour like navy, olive or black. If you intend to wear them to the office, then you should buy a navy pair, because it will help you create a professional look. 

Olive is not a popular choice for pants, but it is a versatile shade and it works with all skin types. You should give it a chance. 

Try a pair of jeans
A good way to get used with wearing wide-leg pants is to try jeans. Wide jeans not only that look fashionable, but they are also flattering to all figures and help you create a fashionable look.  If you want to wear them on elegant occasions, you can buy a pair in a darker shade. The light-wash pairs are perfect for summer outfits and other casual events. 

A pair of dark jeans can be worn at the office, on a date or when going out in the evening. You will notice, when looking in the mirror that your legs look longer, especially if you wear them with a pair of high heels. 

During summer, everyone loves wearing light-wash denim, so you can try a pair of above ankle flare jeans. 

Go for one colour from head to toe
If you want to wear the wide-leg pants at an elegant event, then you can easily rock an outfit if you opt for the same colour from head to toe. A monochromatic look will offer you a classic elegance; you can choose for example a draped black blouse, with a pair of pants in the same colour, and a simple pair of pumps. The monochromatic look is perfect for various events. And it is flattering for all body types, so you should always consider it your back up plan when you do not know what to wear. 

Wear it with a tuck-in top
When wearing this type of pants, it is recommended to wear the top tucked in the pants, because you will accentuate the waistline. When it comes to wearing this clothing item, it is essential to create a balanced look, if you want to impress with your outfit choices. The secret of this outfit is to avoid looking like you are drowning in fabric. The top can be loose or fit on your body, if you tuck it in, you will accentuate your waist and you will look simply amazing. If you want to check, what models of wide-leg pants are in trend this year you will find more online.

Some pairs of pants feature a bow on the front side, and if you will tuck in your top you will draw attention to that part, and you will create the impression of a smaller waist. 

When can I wear wide-leg pants?

At a special event
A special event can be your best friend’s birthday, the Christmas party, a wedding reception and so on. If you want to look fabulous, but comfortable, because you want to have a lot of fun, you can wear a pair of wide-leg trousers with a crop top. The majority of women will wear dresses for special occasions, but your pair of pants will help you stand out. Make sure that your pair of pants is a formal-looking one and you combine it with a lace or ruffled top. 

A relaxing walk in the town
When you say relaxation, you immediately think at the most comfortable items you have in your closet. A pair of fluid pants accessorised with a casual top will make you feel super comfy. Complete the look with a pair of flats, because if you plan walking around the city, you do not want your legs to feel tired. Pull your hair in a bun, get your favourite pair of glass shades and you are ready to leave the house. 

On a date
If you want to impress him with your stylish clothing choices, then you can opt for a wide-leg pair of pants. If you are the type of woman who does not like to wear dresses, then you can opt for a pair of flare pants and you will look as classy and chic as if you would wear a designer dress. Regular pants look too casual for an evening date, especially if you are on your first dates. Pair the pants with a V-neck blouse to create a sexy look. You can play with the model of pants you choose, if you opt for a simple top you can wear a pair of flower-patterned trousers. 

If you want to turn heads, be playful when you choose the pair of pants. This clothing item comes with countless outfit ideas. Decide where you want to wear it and make sure it fits your personal style. If you need more inspiration, check online the looks celebrities sported on different occasions.