Electronic cigarettes can help adults quit smoking, but for young people, this replacement of traditional cigarettes, by contrast, can lead to addiction. These are the data of a large study conducted by experts of the US National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

The first conclusion of the scientists states that electronic cigarettes may increase the chances of a person to quit, however, it is incorrect to assert with absolute certainty, because the studies were carried out practically in the laboratory and not in ordinary life, which could affect the results.

The second thesis, which scientists wanted to check, is whether vaping can increase the likelihood that adolescents will start smoking regular cigarettes.

“The evidence base is quite extensive and consistent so that we can conclude that there is a link between the use of electronic cigarette and conventional tobacco [among young people],” says a professor of medical science at the University of Southern California.

The third group of studies dealt directly with the harm caused by electronic cigarettes because it is usually argued that vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes. Scientists report that electronic cigarettes, contrary to manufacturers, contain not only nicotine but also other carcinogens and toxins, such as formaldehyde and acrolein. Some studies suggest that asthma may worsen due to e-cigarettes. Scientists cannot yet say with certainty how vaping affects the lungs of adolescents in the long run since this hobby has become fashionable relatively recently.

The fourth block of research concerns how vape pen can affect people's health in general. Scientists modeled different scenarios that depend on some factors. For example, as soon as the market for electronic cigarettes crowds out the market for regular tobacco. The researchers came to the two most important conclusions: if adults do not quit smoking, then this will, in any case, lead to harmful consequences for the health of the nation in the long and short term. The second conclusion is that vapes can still be called less harmful than regular cigarettes.

Scientists from Australia and Canada have found that vaping helps to quit smoking. (These devices you can buy in https://vaperevs.com/). This happens in a quarter of cases. In addition, using steam, smokers can reduce the number of consumed cigarettes.

Eighteen percent of ex-smokers reported that with e-cigarettes stopped to use ordinary cigarettes. This process took six months. What happened to 82 percent of the rest is not indicated in the material. The switch to vaping also led to a reduction in the number of cigarettes used in more than half of the cases. According to researchers, the high efficiency of electronic cigarettes is because they largely mimic the "real" smoking - scientists talk about "behavioral and aesthetic aspects." Scientists have also voiced the effectiveness of other ways to stop smoking - for example, nicotine patches. Two studies indicated that only 10 percent of respondents stopped smoking during the year.

In order to finally get rid of the "tobacco captivity", you will need something that your brain will perceive as a habit. It can be nicotine patches, bubble gum, seeds, candy, vape, which you can find in vape shop. But none of these tools will help to forget about a cigarette.

The mistake of many “throwers” lies in the fact that they are directing all their efforts to combat physiological addiction, they believe that if the body is disaccustomed to a narcotic substance, the problem will disappear. It takes several weeks or months of withdrawal, physical discomfort (and this is not hellish agony, I tell you), nicotine, as an element of metabolism, falls out of the chain, you no longer feel physical craving for a harmful substance, your body ceases to perceive it as a substance necessary to maintain vital processes.

What is vaping better than regular cigarettes and how can you quit smoking?

In the process of smoking electronic cigarettes, you inhale water vapor. When you do the usual inhalation, a special heating element begins its work, which burns (evaporates) the vape juice in the container. As a result, you inhale the steam. But steam is not at all harsh and not nasty, as from a normal cigarette. And, of course, it is safer for your health. In addition, there are some other advantages of vaping:

- the teeth do not turn yellow, and there are no traces of burns, ash, stains on the fingers on the hands;
- there is no unpleasant smell from a mouth. No need to brush your teeth to kiss a girl/boyfriend;
- you can smoke indoors, even in the hall for non-smokers;
- Improves health.

If you visit bars and other public places where there are halls for smokers and non-smokers, choose the last one so that you would like less to pick up a regular cigarette. Every time you smoke an e-cigarette, take out the usual one or even two of the packs because if you are new to vaping, you will not feel the edge first. Never try to smoke a regular cigarette after an e-cig. Find like-minded people. You need support. It’s easier to quit smoking in a company than on your own.

Here are also a few little tricks that can help quit:

1) Talk to yourself honestly, decide why you need it.
2) Only myself, to hope for someone else's help in this personal matter is naive. From such things get rid of only their own.
3) Give yourself time.
4) Rule of three triples

The first three days will be terrible. After three weeks, you can already live. After three months, you can not remember that you have ever smoked.

The press must be widely covered, how to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. There are many studies on the health effects of electronic cigarettes in the world. Scientists have proven the safety of passive soaring, found that switching to vaping improves the condition of lungs of smokers, and, most importantly, they found that vaping helps quit smoking. Alas, this information is not only not spread but even hidden.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.