The first job is not always the last, but it’s a crucial step in your career or professional path. Whatever impression you make at your first job will mark in the hearts and minds of your co-workers and even on your boss. Be sure, however, to make this impression positive, as this is lasting; if contrary, it can hurt your career and your work environment.

When you can make a good impact on your job, you will have better camaraderie and a happier working environment. Leaving a good impression at your first job will help you with good recommendations for a better position, or a better job from Gumtree after gaining experience.

Here are some of these tricks on how you can make a good impression at your first job:

Work Attitude

1. Carry A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is important wherever you are, especially at your workplace. No matter how tired you may be, leave your feelings and emotions elsewhere. Do not bring them with you to work, especially not on your first job. Most people talk about the attitudes of the new hires and if their first impression about you is that you’re very negative then chances are it will stay that way for a long time. 

Be that person who brings light and positivity even on an early Monday morning, as this positive attitude will inflict your co-workers positively as well. Your office mates will thank you for helping them get through a busy workday with a positive attitude.

2. Have A Sense Of Initiative

Initiative is the effort to start something without being told. It’s a kind of workplace attitude that most team leaders, supervisors and managers want on their team. When you have completed doing a task or an assignment for the day, do not be the type of employee who just slacks and hides in your cubicle, waiting to be given another task to complete. 

You will be able to establish a good rapport with your immediate supervisors if you take the lead in approaching them to ask for a job to do. When you have this type of working attitude, your employers will see that you are an asset to the company and not just one whom they are paying salaries to by just sitting down, checking your Facebook account.

3. Leave Your Problems At Home

Personal life should never mix with your work life. There are many tips you can read about on websites for online learning benefits, and most of these sites unanimously advice for you to leave your personal issues out the workplace door. 

Here are some of the problems you shouldn’t talk about:
- marital problems
- poor financial situation
- your child's failure at school
- unpleasant relationship with your family-in-law

Do not make your issues the next topic of office chatter during break time. You do not want to feed your co-workers, and even your boss, any negative perception because of the personal problems that you carry along with you.

Outside Appearance

4. Dress Professionally

Looking professional is a sure way to make a great impression on your first job. Be clean and prim, while making sure that you dress appropriately. Avoid wearing over-revealing or dirty clothes because it may make the wrong impression about your personality. Whether you like it or not, how you look will make a lasting impression.

Your employers need to see that you are serious about the job, and dressing up is a part of your dedication. Whatever the outfit requirement is in the office, do your very best to adhere to it religiously.

Social Interactions

5. When Unsure About a Task, Ask For Help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. It means that you take your job more serious than your pride, and that you’re willing to do it right by asking for advice from people with more experience. No one expects you to be perfect on your tasks immediately so they won’t mind if you ask questions on your first days.

Naturally, there are tasks that you do not know how to do yet, and it will make a better impression if you are the one who asks, rather than pretend to understand and make a mistake later on. When you ask for help, it shows good character like humility, strength, and dedication to your job. You do not want to be labeled as the office know-it-all.

6. Be A Good Listener

Your co-workers will be more at ease if you’re the type of person who listens well. Listening more makes your performance better, as you can deliver precisely that which your boss demands from you. Listening well ensures that you can grasp instructions from your co-workers and even from your boss more effectively.

7. Avoid Chatter and Gossip

Chatter and gossip is considered normal in places where there are a lot of people; but you don’t have to indulge in such activity, especially if you’ve only started working there. If you happen to find yourself amidst idle gossip, you can just keep quiet and stay neutral. When you engage in gossiping, it can affect your work performance negatively, and you don't want that to happen especially if it is only your first job.

Attendance and Punctuality

8. Be Early

Punctuality is an important trait for a worker. You should arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule. If you’re the type of person that is always early then you’ll leave a good first impression on your officemates about your work ethic. When you have good work ethic then you’ll be at the top of any incentive program or promotion list.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that first impressions are valuable, and they often last for a long time. Staying in your job entails more than just what is written on your impressive resume that landed you the job. Put in the effort to give a positive impression for your boss or co-workers, so you won’t have a hard time in your first job.