Millions of moves happen every year in the United States, and some companies are operating shoddy practices or scam people into using them. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following tips when hiring a team to assist you with your move.

1. Inventory

One of the first things a reliable moving company will do is to take stock of all your possessions after which they will determine the weight and bulk of your move. They must be thorough and check all your storage areas such as closets, bookcases, drawers and garages. A significant percentage of the overall price will be based on the weight of your belongings and how much space in the truck it will require during the move.

2. Be thorough when speaking to the estimator

A valuable estimator will take note of everything that you’ll need to move from the old hose to your next house. Make sure you are thorough when speaking to the estimator on which items you are planning to move and which ones you’ll be donating or selling. 

3. Deposit required

A well-respected moving company will not demand a significant deposit or cash before moving. Usually, the bill gets paid upon delivery of your goods. Once paid upfront, you’ll have no control over whether your possessions will reach the intended destination and when you make the payment, it will be advantageous to pay with a credit card to protect yourself from possible fraudulent transactions. 

4. Obtain references

When it comes to Interstate removals Adelaide, it is vital to hire a removalist that has your best interests at heart. Make sure you obtain recommendations from friends and family. Alternatively, you can contact a short list of moving companies you’re considering and get at least three references from them of customers who moved in the past three months and contact about the experience they’ve had with the moving company.

5. Packing experience

If you are going to use the moving company to do your packing, be sure to ask them about packers’ expertise. Most reliable movers are careful, but it may be good to know that they pay special attention when packing your belongings to avoid any breakages along the way.

6. Ask about additional fees

There are a few considerations that will require extra charges. Say for instance you are moving into a two-storey home or there might be a narrow street in the area where you’ll be moving to, and the goods must be transferred to a smaller van. Ask the company upfront whether there will be a surcharge applicable to your situation.

7. Avoid signing a blank contract

Make sure you get an exclusive contract in writing containing the mover’s estimate as well as any additional fees and the pick-up and delivery dates stipulated. Carefully read through the agreement to make sure all your possessions are listed. Remember, a claim can’t be filed for a lost item if it wasn’t included on the inventory list.