It is now widely accepted that small businesses need to have an active presence on social media in order to maximise their online reach. Small businesses that get social media right consistently see higher revenues and better profits to match. 

We take a look at some tips to maximise your impact on social media so you can take your small business to the next step.

Schedule Social Media Posts Ahead of Time

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is invest in a social media scheduler


Because it will save you heaps of time, and it will allow you to schedule multiple posts all at once. You can use these tools to make sure you are weeks if not months ahead with your content, which can free up time for you to spend on engaging with followers and growing your account. 

Engage with Your Followers

Too often engagements with followers are automated, so if you can dedicate serious time to interacting with your followers on social media then it will allow your brand to stand out, by being head and shoulders above the rest.

Taking this personal approach online is a growing trend as research shows that more and more people want to receive a personal service before purchasing either a product or a service. Let’s also not forget that social media is now a vital element of customer service. 

Collaborate with Big Related Accounts

It may take a while for you to build up a solid brand presence on social media. One of the ways to “growth hack” your accounts is to team up with related accounts that have much bigger followings, so you can get in front of a large audience for a relatively small cost.

Not only will you be able to get these larger audiences more about whatever product or service you offer, you will also see a huge boost to the number of followers and those engaging with your brand online. Although you will likely have to pay to be able to collaborate, it will be a worthwhile investment. 

Run Contests

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to growing your social media accounts. Running a contest is always a great way to achieve increases in likes shares, shares, comments and other social metrics you may be measuring. 

However, unlike many companies, you should actually celebrate and showcase the winner online. By showing everyone their experience with the winning prize, you give your followers a reason to enter next time as they can tell the competitions are real, with real prizes. 


So there you have it, 4 actionable tips to make social media an effective marketing tool for your small business. It has been proved time and again that businesses with active and engaged social media followers have better revenues and bottom lines.

This is no longer an area of your business that you can afford to ignore. 

It’s time to invest your money, time and effort into your preferred social media platforms and reap the rewards when you have thousands of happy, active and engaged fans ready to buy anything that you sell!