An important new factor of a developing trade in healthcare has caused people who need to receive medical treatment to travel beyond borders. This observable fact is called medical tourism.

Medical tourism is when patients opt to travel to other countries for the purpose of wanting to undergo some sort of medical procedure which includes cosmetic surgeries. Travelling to get those in a foreign country is not a new trend. 

The reason why these people want to seek these treatments in a more developed countries is because they want an access to well-trained providers, as well as facilities just like what Vera Clinicis offering. On the other hand, other individuals opt to travel to less developed countries because it is cheaper.

The most common procedures or treatments that people seek and go through are as follows:

● Check-up, diagnosis, and second opinion
● Heart surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve repair, transmyocardial laser revascularization)
● Reproductive system or fertility procedures (sex reassignment, in vitro fertilization, scrotoplasty)
● Stem cell or organ, cell, and tissue transplantation 
● Congenital defect plastic surgery (cleft palate)
● Cosmetic surgery (breast lift or augmentation, body and face contouring)

There are several countries all over the world which are becoming centers for medical tourism. To be more specific, in the recent years, more than 15 million visitors from other countries have visited Turkey. 

Over 200 hair transplants, which include facial hair implants, are performed and completed in Turkey in just one day. The majority of these patrons aiming for medical and cosmetic treatments are men from the United Arab Emirates who are hoping to treat hair loss. Aside from hair transplants, medical tourists who travel to Turkey would also like to go through the most common cosmetic procedures in the country, which include the following:

● Abdominal Etching

This is a plastic surgery procedure which utilizes a special cannula for the purpose of contouring and shaping the abdominal fat. This procedure is for patients who want to have a leaner and a more flat abdomen.

● Blepharoplasty (Lower and upper eyelid and fat transfer)

This is a plastic surgery operation that repairs or modifies the eye region, specifically the eyelids, mostly for aesthetic purposes. It is for individuals with droopy eyes. During this procedure, excess fat, muscle, or skin is removed.

Botulinum Toxin Type A

More simply known as Botox, this type of toxin obstructs nerve movement in the facial muscles. As a result, the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles are temporarily eased off.

Breast Augmentation

This invasive procedure is for people who would like to improve the shape or add to the fullness or size of their breasts. In this surgical procedure, breast implants are placed on the chest muscles.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Also known as male breast reduction, this operation takes out extra fat as well as glandular tissues to achieve a flatter chest.

Hair Transplantation

This surgical treatment aims to reverse hair loss. What is done during this procedure is that healthy hair follicles are removed from a part of the patient’s body and is transplanted to a part that is starting to bald or already bald.


This surgical treatment is done by utilizing high-frequency sound waves to turn excess fats, from certain part/s of the body, to liquid prior to getting rid of it through suction.

Pectoral Implantation

This procedure is similar to breast augmentation, except that is it for men. That is why the implants used are firm so that the chest would have a more solid feel.

This sudden increase in Turkey’s commerce was set in motion by its growing and improving capital spending in health care services, as well as facilities. Proximity, as well as the inexpensive travel and treatment costs are some of the reasons why these patients are drawn in Turkey’s health tourism. So, if you wanted to be practical, then consider Turkey as one of your options.