In 2018, the job market is an extremely different beast than it was a decade ago, with more of an emphasis on the freelance economy and less job security all around. In some ways this is frightening, but it also marks a huge shift in culture and economy that is exciting – it's all a matter of perspective. Jumping ten years into the future, the job market of 2028 will likely have undergone an even more radical transformation, so tighten your seatbelt and broaden your skillset!  

One thing that's become clear in this new economy is that university degrees aren't as important as they once were, unless you're training to be a doctor or a civil engineer, that is. For the general public, and those seeking job opportunities that don't require years of studying and spending a fortune in tuition, getting into the job market young and accruing real-world experience is essential.

In this post, we'll explore several practical strategies for getting a job in 2018. If you finish school and hit the ground running, you'll be setting yourself up nicely for a fulfilling career. Here's how to land that first gig:

Job Fairs & Networking – Most folks can't even pull themselves away from a screen for more than five minutes these days, if you manage to put in some quality face time with a prospective employer or mentor at a job fair without checking your phone once, you may gain a significant advantage. The CIE Tour is a great example of a unique networking event that educates young people about working in entertainment and puts them in direct contact with employers and knowledgeable mentors. 

These types of opportunities are an example to practice for interviews, so get off your computer, put on a nice shirt and get thee to a job fair!

Persistence & Personality – Anxiety is a huge issue for many in their late teens and early twenties, and this can prevent job applicants from showing their true colours and following up. The art of writing a good cover letter is tough to perfect, but practice makes perfect, so get to it! Setting yourself apart from the competition and emphasizing a particular quality that makes you an ideal candidate for the job is the trick – and make sure you check it over carefully for grammar and spelling. 

Following up is also key, without coming off as hostile or desperate. Many employers are simply overwhelmed with their workload and forgot to call you back – never take it personally. 

Be Creative – Think outside the box and try to hone in on jobs that not everyone would think to apply for. The CIE Tour (mentioned above) provides resources for those seeking jobs on film sets such as a gaffer and best boy as well as opportunities in craft services, wardrobe, etc. Outside of entertainment, there are careers like arborist, travel guide, flight attendant or dog walker that not everyone thinks of. Get creative! 

These are just a few general, common sense tips for finding a job in 2018. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and never turn down a job offer without thinking it over first – getting yourself into the job market is half the battle.