Today’s children watch YouTube videos in the same way we (parents) watch TV. 

They love their most favourite stars, they like to talk about videos, and swiftly rush to watch the new ones.

Although YouTube is usually a helpful tool for keeping children busy, it also has a lot of videos that are not good for kids to watch.Mums and dads who want to make sure their children are watching educational or age-appropriate content or videos can check out these 5 channels. 

You can watch some of them with your children and decide to create some lessons yourself!

1. Kids Learning Songs (KLS)
KLS is one of the most age-appropriate channels on YouTube with beautiful Kids Learning Songs. With more than 517 million video views and 105 uploads, this channel has become the most favourite leaning platform for the kids that creates not only learning songs but also nursery rhymes and poems. 
The most viewed and high rated videos are:

Don't Get Sick Song: KLS Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
Clap Your Hands Action Songs for Children - Best Nur
Caring Song: Learn with Kids Nursery Rhymes

Through ClapYour Hands, Johnny Johnny and Finger Family videos,your kid can learn many things with the wonderful time of singing. You can visit daily for a full serving of educational and fun videos for kids filled with active participation. 

The channel also featuresthe most popular camp, dance and action songs. The channel is geared towards toddlers, babies, elementary and preschools age children.

2. Flocabulary
More than 30,000 teachers use Flocabulary’s content to teach basics through animation and hip hop. 

Subjects include math, social, science studies, and even interpersonal topics such as managing stress and staying safe on the Internet. 

3. Vi Hart
Vi Hart names herself a virtual reality philosopher and mathemusician. 

The video lessons range from ten minutes to thirty minutes, but all are face-paced, witty, and compelling. She makes math-improve-videos where she sits down with ideas about creating math’s related models and discusses particular concepts in the way you'd chat with your best friend. 

4. ExpeRimental
The Royal Institution of Great Britain has made a number of video lessons intended to get kids thinking deeply about technology and science. ExpeRimental is one season that provides tips for the kids who want to do some scientific experiments at home. 

5. Crash Course Kids
This most viewed channel for kids explores the concept of science and technology, covering pets or animals and exploring the atmosphere and ocean. 

The videos are for Grade five science curriculum and other grade levels. Every single video has information and facts for educators to make sure the information is relevant for the educational setting, and parents can also watch the videos to make sure the content is appropriate for their children.

YouTube is like the internet itself.  With your responsible supervision as parents, it can be an educational tool. To open the floodgates of multimedia learning for your kids, you can activate the parental controls on your kid's device and monitor his/her YouTube usage.