As much fun as it is to throw on pyjamas and play video games all day, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For some, the only time they truly come alive is when they are doing something extreme – whether it’s dangerous, exhilarating or simply novel. For those people, a simple holiday card and pair of warm socks won’t cut it this December. You have to get them an experience, something that can get their adrenaline pumping. 

For the purpose of this list, “thrill seeking” is defined as any experience that’s out of the ordinary. Some items on this list provide an immediate, visceral thrill, while others provide a more cerebral thrill. Some are just plain awesome. What they all have in common, though, is that they all make amazing gifts for that special thrill seeker in your life. Let’s look at six of the best experiential gifts for adrenaline junkies. 

Axe Throwing

It’s as simple as it sounds – you throw axes – but it is oh so exciting. If your thrill seeking loved one hasn’t tried this newly popular pastime, they are in for a real treat. When you book a lane or sign up for an 8-week league at BATL (the Backyard Axe Throwing League, the most popular of the axe throwing facilities, with locations all over North America), you get lessons on how to throw an axe, as well as the chance to compete in a tournament. It’s also a great stress reliever – something everyone could use around the holidays!

Sky Diving

This is the quintessential “thrilling” activity, simply because it sounds and seems impossibly dangerous. But it’s absolutely not – these days, skydiving is very safe, and if you haven’t done it before you are (almost always) paired up with a professional diver. Book a day through your local sky diving facility (most North American cities, and even many towns offer at least one facility), and print out the confirmation email to give as the gift.As far as checking off bucket lists go, you can’t beat skydiving, and any thrill-seeker will be glad to wake up to this gift. 


Spelunking: a somewhat goofy name for a very intense pastime. If you are unfamiliar with spelunking, it’s the exploration of caves, often incorporating elements of rock climbing, swimming and hiking. It can be a pretty dangerous sport, which is why it’s advisable to choose a reputable caving guide and join a group tour. These can be found pretty much wherever there are caves in North America

Virtual Reality 

Finally, an item on this list that doesn’t involve physical activity! With recent advances made in virtual reality, it really is exhilarating strapping on that headset and entering a brand new world. And despite how fine-tuned VR has become, most people still haven’t had a chance to try it out. This holiday, give the gift of escapism by booking a VR experience at one of these amazing places.

Escape Rooms

Whereas VR allows you to escape reality, this thrilling activity can be classified as literal escapism. While it lacks the immediacy of skydiving and the general badass-ness of axe throwing, this popular pastime is perfect for the more low-key thrill seeker in your life. Think of escape rooms as life-sized puzzles, where you work against the clock to free yourself from a room full of clues. If you live in a city, whether big or small, you should have no trouble finding an escape room through whom you can book your holiday gift. 

White Water Rafting

Finally, here’s a gift for that special someone in your life who loves the water. If you live in a southern state, you might be able to raft in the winter, but for everyone else, this gift is one that will have to be delayed. Book for the upcoming spring or summer, and make a trip out of it. You aren’t confined to North America either; there are amazing white water rafting experiences to be had all over the world.

This holiday season, shake things up. For the thrill enthusiast in your life, try one of these six gifts, each of which you should be able to find and book easily. Life’s too short for another box of chocolates or pair of socks – give them a gift they will remember forever.