When families gather together this fall to celebrate the harvest over a big meal, some people are likely to be more comfortable with the tradition than others. For many North Americans, the question of what to serve at Thanksgiving is a no-brainer: a big, well-basted turkey surrounded by plenty of delicious sides. For those who don’t eat meat, however, things aren’t quite as straightforward. 

Most vegans are respectful of other people’s dietary choices, but if it is their turn to host, they may face a lot of pressure to accommodate friends and family with dishes they don’t usually make using ingredients they aren’t familiar with. How can vegans prepare for Thanksgiving dinner without having to spend a lot of time visiting butcher’s shops and dressing meat?

One of the biggest challenges for vegans lies in sourcing meat. Most vegans are not at all familiar with which cuts of meat to buy, and may be uncomfortable walking into a butcher shop to buy them. And once they have the meat, dressing and preparing it can be equally uncomfortable.

This is why fresh meat delivery services like truLOCAL have become so popular among vegans who are looking for ways to provide their friends and families with meat for Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday meals. 

With truLOCAL, building an order is easy: you need simply go online, select the size of order and the cuts of meat desired (whole chickens are a particular holiday favourite, but you can also order steaks, sausages, chops, fish, and even buffalo), and the order will be delivered to your doorstep within days. Because the meat is delivered in a refrigerated box that will keep it cold and fresh for hours, you don’t even need to worry about being home to receive the order. 

This isn’t the only reason why vegans are gravitating toward fresh meat delivery services, however. For many, veganism is an ethical choice, one that is as much about living in an environmentally sustainable way and using only the most ethically sourced foods as it is about health or personal taste preferences. 

Because truLOCAL only sources its meat from local farms that have a demonstrated commitment to natural methods and ethical farming, you can serve your family with pride, knowing that the meat on your table has been raised in the most sustainable way possible. 

Many food industry watchers noted that 2017 was the best year on record for veganism so far, with some countries seeing triple-digit growth in veganism as a lifestyle. While it is safe to say that turkey isn’t going to be disappearing from most Thanksgiving menus anytime soon, it is also clear that veganism is more than a trend. 

As vegans and their families attempt to negotiate the politics of the dinner table, one of the things both sides will likely be thankful for this holiday season is the availability of meat delivery services that allow everyone to sit down to a dish they will enjoy.