Well, you have been hearing about bobs, bobs now and then. Yes, it is undoubtedly that bobs are some of the popular and stunning ways to style your hair. But have you ever taken time to think about an inverted bob? There is something that makes this hairstyle the love for many ladies. The major difference which sets it apart from other bobs is its technique of styling it.

So, if you are in the dark about how this bob is styled, we will shed some light to you. This bob is all about subtly curved lines elongating to the front and stacked layers styled at the back.  The curved shape at the front gives this bob a unique look. In regard to a graduated bob, and an inverted bob it is all the same thing.

1. Lush Inverted Bob Haircut
This haircut looks beautiful and fun for the ladies with thick hair. That that does not mean it doesn’t rock in those with fine hair-it do also look gorgeous since the hairstyle itself enhances volume and dimension perfectly. To create this superb look, you have to cut your manes into a medium length as the base for this haircut. You also need some courage for the gradually angled baseline that this haircut significantly incorporates.

2. Tousled Bob for Women with Thin Hair
If you like the gorgeous appearance of extended flowing tresses, but you have unlimited time to commit to the styling of this haircut, then this inverted bob hairstyle is what you need. The intricate curls are so sexy and alluring, but they don't add much weight on you as the extended styles do. It is a low maintenance hairstyle that will save you a lot of time in styling and upkeep.

3. Streamlined Caramel Super Blonde Bob
This beautiful inverted bob with some bangs has always been the perfect sleek option for many ladies. Go for the highlights with a streamlined effect. In addition, the angles of this standard A-line bob reveal a modern vibe. It is a shoulder-length look that you should think about when you want to feel fun and sophisticated at the same time, but don’t want your sense and ounce of style to go. You will definitely love this gorgeous caramel blonde bob.

4. Brunette  Rounded Bob with A V-Cut Layer 
Women with thin hair find it somewhat challenging to manage, but this inverted haircut utilises the enhanced volume for its volume. The layers are thrown around the bob, giving it perfect flattening fullness needed. It is also an excellent way to add some depth and dimension to your straight locks. Try it today and see magic happen on your locks.

5. Dark Brown Textured Bob with Rooty Lift
This inverted cut is a common alternative to one length inverted cut since the angles give this cut a lot of movement. In addition to that, they are also pretty cute. Who said you require length to exude statement? No, you don’t need that. You can use your natural texture and colour and get the same awe-inspiring hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

6. Sharply -Angled Bob with Heavy Bangs
This look features a great dose of vintage allure, from its straight and blunt fringe to the curved line. The hair is further curled inwardly to get some pointy ends. Match it with a waist hugging dress and peep toes and go set the level in town! It is a sure style to turn heads and look unique wherever you go. Try it now.

7. Round Inverted Style
Thicker hair locks look great with this rounded bob cut. Go for multidimensional hair shades such as blondes and reds to keep everything looking relevant to the style and fresh too. If you opt for something more artistic, let your stylist shape the manes at the nape of your neck to rounded or pointed design. That gives you an artistic style that is appealing to the eye.

8. Voluminous Short Haircut
You have heard this saying several times, that “the higher you go, the closer you get nearer to God" ladies who don't believe on smaller hair, will not have an issue with this bigger elevated hair. It features mega volume and curly chin-length cut. It is further elevated to bring major impact, though the shades remain conservative.