Escorts are attractive in their own quirky ways. A vast majority of them are drop-dead gorgeous. They have a well-proportioned body.And yes, in escort business, personality and character are as important as looks. An escort management software needed to start and run an escort agency.

Let’s understand the persona of a prototypical customer. He wants to have a smooth and intimate conversation with an agreeable woman, cuddle, relax and have sex. Let me ask you this question - Do clients pay only for porn star experience? No. They look for experiences beyond sex. 

Is it profitable to start an escort service business? Yes. This brings me to the next question – how to start an escort service?

Here’s a quick run-down on how to start an escort business.

To start an escort service, you should first choose a niche. The concept of targeting a specific niche is not just confined to adult tube sites. There are many profitable niches such as recreation and companionship, girlfriend experience, sports, religion and nature, health & fitness, medical, etc.

Assess the potential of unexplored niches and pick a niche.

Let’s now understand the various requirements.

- Business License
- Certificate of incorporation
- Business Plan
- Escort Management Software

Business License

Business license is an authorization issued by governments to individuals and companies to run and operate businesses within a geographical jurisdiction.  There are different business structures – partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company), Corporation, etc.

You should know the pros and cons of every business structure before finalizing the type.

Certificate of Incorporation 

Certificate of incorporation is another legal document. More often than not, it is issued by state government. In some jurisdictions, it’s issued by non-governmental entities.

Business Plan

Your business plan should contain feasible financial projections. Articulate your business goals, objective, mission and vision.

If you are keen on building an empire of escort agencies, you should pitch your business plan to investors. Money is indispensable. You require significant working capital. To begin with, you can raise money from personal savings, property, and stock. Pitch your idea to your friends. Raise money from them.

Your business plan should also have strategies to exceed your clients’ expectations. It’s not about offering cheap services. It’s about offering unique and valuable services. If you offer unique escort services, you will have an edge over your competition.

Escort Management Software

Clients, escorts, investors and other stakeholders will not take you seriously if you do not have a digital presence. You require a great website that’s endowed with growth hacking features to publicize and promote your range of escort service offerings. To setup a great website, you require escort agency software.

Let’s now understand the business flow expected of a good escort agency script.

Business Flow

To understand the business flow, we must understand the sequence of tasks associated with the following three stakeholders:

- Users / Clients
- Escorts
- Site Owner (You)

Users should be able to browse your site without any registration. They should be able to see sexually appealing and charming content. Content should tease them. 

All the revealing content that escorts share should be behind a paywall. And yes, user registration fee is shared with the site owner.Users will be able to send text messages to escorts only upon completing the registration process.

Escorts should pay a fee to get their profile featured on your website. They can upload their profile picture, describe their interests and hobbies, and respond to the messages of clients. They should disclose their availability status. This helps clients to book escorts accordingly.

Whenever a client books an escort, a certain portion of money is credited into their account and the remaining portion is credited into your account.

Site owners have 100% access to the source code. You can view and manage the bookings of models. You can view their earnings. You can modify, add and terminate the accounts of escorts. You are at absolute liberty to leverage other revenue channels such as banner ads, value-added services such as photos, sponsorships, etc.


xScorts is a cutting-edge escort management softwaredesigned by experienced growth hackers, serial entrepreneurs and industry veterans. It has all the right ingredients to help you run a profitable escort site. The best thing about this escort agency softwareis that it’s written in clean code.

It’s customizable. More importantly, it lets you design, configure and set-up mobile and desktop friendly sites. Payment gateways are integrated into your website.

Owing to the presence of advanced website features such as filters, users can filter models based on parameters such as body size, ethnicity, location, rate, etc. Users can rate and share their reviews. 

Positive reviews will maximize your earnings. Easy UI customization, feature-rich booking panel, and in-built branding features are other noteworthy features.


Use Twitter and Tumblr to promote your escort service agency. Your business should also be advertised in adult magazines. Spread the good word in yellow pages and directories. Encourage your loyal patrons to spread the good word. Distribute your business cards in big business areas.


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