There is no denying that there’s a lot of pressure when it comes buying the perfect ring. We understand that it can be an overwhelming task because not only is it an emblem of your love for your significant other but it’s going to be flaunted in front of the friends and family.

One benefit of buying an engagement ring online is the access you get to a plethora of different styles,  jewelry store Toronto has every style possible, and if you still feel like you haven’t found THE ring, then there is the option of custom design available for you too. For the perfect ring you need to contemplate on what fits in with her lifestyle and personality. We have narrowed down some personality traits that could match with your girlfriend’s persona. 

Traditional and Regal

There no going wrong with a classic solitaire. It is timeless and shows off the centre diamond without any diversions. Solitaire diamond rings have one diamond in the centre, and they are also a very popular choice for an engagement ring. The traditional solitaire sits on a metal band with a basket setting. If you want to add glamour, you can consider adding a row of diamonds on the band. A prevalent alternative to the solitaire is a three stone engagement ring.

Chic and Outgoing 

If your girlfriend likes dazzling glamour, then she might prefer a setting that holds the diamond higher. Or maybe one in which the band displays glittery pave-set diamonds. A popular option is a halo engagement ring. These have a circle of diamonds around the main centre diamond for added sparkle and creates the illusion of a bigger diamond. It will be perfect if she wants to show if off to everyone she meets.

Nature Enthusiast

Is she happiest when she is around nature? Then rings with more organic elements such flowers and leaves will be perfect for her. For an outdoorsy woman, we suggest a setting that grips the diamond closer to the hand to ensure that it stays protected. You need to ensure you find a ring that is simple yet beautiful, just like her.

Hopeless Romantic

If your partner is a die hard romantic that you should consider getting a ring with intricate details and a dainty band. You can look at some examples on jewelry store toronto to find the perfect one. Or if she is a vintage lover then you can think of getting an antique ring that would be timeless and effortless.

If you are still unsure or even more confused, then we suggest considering to select a diamond but with a temporary ring setting. Don’t worry you are not the only one if you choose to do this, because more than 60% of women want to part-take in ring selections. This will not only relieve you from the pressure of disappointing her but it will be a fun experience choosing the ring together.