No matter the season, cotton kurtis are ever trendy outfits that every lady needs. It is the most comfortable dress you will ever find. You can get cotton kurti for every setting such as office, home or special occasions. 
If you have not bought a cotton kurti yet, we will give you reasons why you should get one today. We also understand the importance of the cotton material. That is why we are here to enlighten you on how you can easily maintain your cotton kurti. Enjoy!

Why do you need a cotton kurti?
They are occasion friendly

This material looks presentable for every event. You can get formal as well as semi-formal cotton kurtis to wear on different occasions. There are also casual cotton kurtis that you can wear on a daily basis when you are not working. For instance, you can get an embellished kurti with a gem or a straight cotton kurti to match every occasion. 

Some designers blend other fabrics with cotton to come up with unique outfits that rock different occasions. Cotton kurtis also come in various prints such as block prints and digital prints. You can even get one in checks. There are numerous designs of cotton kurtis to choose from

It is soft
The material is so soft and comfortable on your skin. It is a breathable fabric that goes well with different weather conditions. You can rock a cotton kurti during summer without worrying about sweating since it absorbs sweat easily and is breathable. Even if you choose a full sleeve design during summer, it will not make you feel uncomfortable.  

During winter, this material keeps you warm. They also blend well with cardigans and jackets when it is too cold. If you have sensitive skin, you should get a cotton kurti which prevents you from skin allergies or skin rashes. This is the best material you can choose for your kurti. 

It is flexible
Some women have challenges picking outfits due to different body structures. With cotton kurti, you can find one that fits you well since the fabric is flexible. It matches any body type and structure without adding volume to your body. Get the right measurements and design and enjoy your cotton kurti. 

You can wear a cotton kurti for years since the material is durable. It is easy to maintain and clean.  It is also affordable material meaning you can buy different cotton kurtis to wear in various settings.

Diverse colors

The fabric does not limit you to a specific color. It goes well with numerous colors.  You can buy a dyed cotton kurti in any desired shade. The use of technology in the fashion industry has enabled many designers to come up with cotton fabrics of different prints and shades. The color options are diverse, and all you need is good taste to fill your closet with beautiful pieces.

Choice of bottom wear

The bottom wear you choose for your cotton kurti solely depends on you as the customer. You can experiment on a cotton kurti with almost anything. For instance, cotton leggings go well with some kurtis. 
Are you insecure about skinny legs? You can wear your cotton kurti with salwar in the place of leggings. This goes well with a long cut kurti. Some college girls also love wearing cotton kurtis with skirts. There is also an option of putting on rugged jeans with cotton kurti. Other times, you can go with a bottomless cotton kurti. With all these options there is no excuse why you should get one. 

Different styles
Cotton kurtis also come with various styles. Unlike the traditional straight cotton kurti, we now have all kinds of styles to select. Check some of them on style caret and get one that matches your personality. 

Maintaining a cotton kurti

This material is durable, but it can only serve you well if you know how to take care of it. Here are a few maintenance tips you should use.

Separate the colors while washing
Your white cotton kurti should not go in your dryer at the same time with printed ones. Wash the white ones separately so that they can maintain their shine. Use a bleach that protects the colors of your kurtis during washing to prevent them from fading or whites from yellowing.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda and lemon juice to maintain the white colors of your cotton kurti.  Baking soda also softens the fabric and minimizes any odor on them. Rinse your cotton kurti with vinegar to make them softer and preserve their elasticity.  

Hand wash delicate pieces
While some other fabrics are combined with cotton to make outfits, some are made from pure cotton. Such designer garments need proper attention to avoid damaging any overlays on them. Therefore, handwash them instead of throwing them into the dryer. Use warm water and a mild detergent to rub the fabric gently. Hang them immediately so that they don't shrink. 

Iron cotton kurti
Your fabric is prone to creasing easily. You can reduce this effect by ironing it when it is not completely dry. Spray some water on your fabric before ironing it to get rid of creases. Use appropriate temperatures during ironing so that you can eliminate wrinkles without the risk of damaging the material. If your cotton kurti contains buttons or embroidery, turn it inside out before ironing. Avoid ironing unclean material since it can accelerate any stains on it or odor. 

Eliminating stains
During the summer, your kurti is bound to accumulating sweat causing stains around the armpit area. You can remove this by washing it regularly with a standard detergent. Soaking your fabric for some time can also get rid of stains. Do not rub a stain since it can spread. You can also make a paste from vinegar or baking soda to get rid of stubborn stains. 

Removing Odor
Use some essential oils or cotton balls in your dryer to eliminate bad odor and leave your cotton kurti smelling wonderful. Do not leave this material in the dryer for long since it is prone to shrinking. Lemon juice also does the trick on white cotton kurtis.