The diversity of Toronto
Toronto is a really big city with a large population. It is listed as the city with the fourth highest population in North America. So natural it has a very diverse and rich culture as it has people residing in It who come from all walks of lives and have different needs at different time of lifetime but because of it being so diverse, Toronto is really friendly and fun as well. 

It is an easygoing city where people help each other and is part of a country that is known to be hospitable and very diverse too. All of this is not only limited to Toronto but it has a great neighborhood too. When you are here, you can go around and see places like Rich view, Oakwood, harbor front, gray don hall and many more and all of this can be done by the help of the presence of Toronto Car rental.

How Toronto car rentals match the diversity of the city.
As we said and as the facts say, Toronto really is a big city with a huge population and as it’s diverse, the people in Toronto all have different needs and preferences and that diversity of choices also spills over onto car rental too. So the Toronto car rentals in the city want to try to cater to everyone. 

That’s why Advantage car rentals have cars from all categories. We have placed a total of 13 different categories in our fleet for people to choose from. People going from Toronto to hilly areas or places with a lot of snow can rent cars from either our 4x4 or full size pickup truck categories so that they can drive through terrain and snow with great ease. Locals or tourists wanting to only spend time in Toronto or wanting to go to other cities on a budget can go for our simpler categories such as compact and economy. Apart from these we have premium cars and luxury SUV categories for people who are in torn for important and fancy events. All our cars at advantage car rentals are maintained to be at their best condition to be presentable and to also not breakdown unexpectedly causing problems for our customers.

Being a part of the Toronto car rentals scene we at advantage car rentals are all about catering our customers and service. We have taken a step further to position ourselves differently than mainstream car rentals by providing the people of Toronto to rent full size 16 feet trucks or cargo vans. These cars are not provided by mainstream car rentals but we at advantage car rentals want to provide to the masses that have different needs. 

The trucks or cargo vans can be rented at a very economical fee and they can use these trucks to transport large amount of goods or to move their furniture or other belongings. This helps people eliminate the option of hiring movers to help them move as we at advantage car rentals provide them with an opportunity to do it themselves and in a much better way at a way less cost compared to the former method. So come to advantage car rentals for your one stop solution to all your car rental needs.