Max Polyakov is not only a preeminent person of good works but also an exemplary family man. Obtaining children as well as many pets he explains from his own experience how to make them get on well with each other and live in harmony.

How to prepare a pet for the baby’s arrival?
Max Polyakov mentions that before getting ready the pet for the kid’s appearance, the parents have to assure that it has achieved the general training. While training, animals obtain societal experience. It lets them act rightly in any circumstances. They acquire the skills of how to deal with people and other animals and evade getting flustered or being violent towards unknown people.

Overall training also reinforces the connection between a pet and its owner. The bond is strengthened through spending more free time with it and learning its habits and preferences. Reliance and esteem will be established and the relationship will be cemented while always keeping interaction.

Child and pet’s interaction
Babies make drastic changes at home. Max Polyakov recommends undergoing these changes while being pregnant or better before the conception. Dogs and cats are very vulnerable and bringing the alterations before child’s appearance decreases the chance of pet’s feel bitter about the kid.
Make a private place for the pet and let it become accustomed to spending time there.
Select a room where your favourite doesn’t feel any trouble. Create a safe and quiet place in order the animal feels secure and protected.
Try to care you a little less. This will make him feel less offended when you bring baby home.

New directions
It is necessary to lay down new rules in order do not astonish the animal at once.
Pay no attention to them sometimes
The time the baby arrives, you are going to have a short period to spend with your favourite. Max Polyakov offers making gradually reducing the time you spend with it during the pregnancy. So it won’t be a surprise for the animal if you ignore it sometimes because of the newborn.
Invite other children to your family
Ask your friends to come with their children. This will make four-legged friend like Max Polyakov’s Eos to adjust having kids around. This also gives you an imagination about the animal’s reaction, so keep an eye on it perspicaciously.
Give up bad habits
Teach the pet not to jump on the baby’s place like bad or baby carriage. Be strict if it permits itself more than it is allowed.
Make a medical check up
Let the vet to examine the your favourite before the baby is born. Ensure it has all necessary vaccinations and doesn’t have any parasitic disease.
Training is important

Consider your four-legs friend’s obedience coaching. If the pet does not submit elementary instructions like “Go”, “Come to me” and “Sit, it is better to call for professional coacher.

How to find the superlative instructor
You can define the greatest trainer via assisting dog-owner organizations, parenting clubs, kennel associations and other animal clubs. You are going to receive different references from the professionals and you should consider what is the most suitable.

The other way is searching online on couching services. There is a great amount of suitable coaches there. You can also read the articles and buy some books to get more information about baby-pet interaction.

Max Polyakov supposes that making preparations beforehand guarantees the preeminent results. It is never too late to train how to deal with a little kid. Even if you have already had a baby, with the correct teaching, tame dog can turn out to become your child’s best friends. And if your dog or cat is old, it is a high time to show it new tricks.