Is your son or daughter going to be a teen soon? As a parent, you must be looking forward to their special day, as much as the ‘to be’ adolescent would. When planning for their birthday party with love and care, you need to prepare a checklist, and arrange all the necessary for a smooth celebration.

We are here to aid you with some suggestions regarding how to celebrate your teen’s birthday party.

1. Stick to a Theme

Since it is a new journey for the teen, you can think of a creative party theme for their birthday. Find out if your adolescent is fond of a musical band or commercial T.V shows. You can add posters or wallpapers of their favourite show or band characters. Play the songs of his/her preferred music artist or group.

2. Send Invitations

You may have already invited family members and acquaintances, but do not forget to send invites to your teen’s friends. If your child has friends around in the party, he/she would feel much comfortable and happy. You can either drop a formal invite or email/SMS/call regarding the same.

3. Plan for a Surprise

Adolescence is a phase in life, where individuals begin to shape their future. It is one of the most adventurous periods for someone. You can send flowers online to your teenage daughter or son, along with a gift, early in the morning on the big-day. Plan for a happening evening at a restaurant or take them to a surprise destination. You can choose any trusted international florist online.

4. Know About Their Likes

When your child was younger, bringing home any gift would have made him/her happy. But as children grow older, they begin to form their own likes and dislikes. Thus, any random present on birthday for a teenager is not advisable. You must take effort to know their likes and purchase a present accordingly.

5. Throw in Some Colour

Make sure the party has presence of vibrant props such as glitters, sparkles, party-hats, games etc. The surroundings should seem unique and different than regular birthday parties you celebrated before in the house.  Some families get their house renovated around such time. Perhaps give the teen’s room a makeover?

6. Cook a Nice Meal

Most of the times, we order food from elsewhere for parties. This trend is followed on birthdays as well. We understand that it could be difficult to single-handedly entertain all the guests, but do take some time out to cook something nice for your birthday boy or girl. It will surely overwhelm them.

7. Help With Decorations

Teenage is the time when children sometimes lose out on bonding with their parents. One of the ways to strengthen the parent-child bond at this stage of life is to show compassion and love. You can do so by helping with the birthday party decorations than hiring all the help.

8. Bring Them to Limelight

Birthday celebration cannot be complete without activities and performances. If your teenager exhibits a skill, such as playing a musical instrument, dancing, singing, poetry etc, the party is a good time to bring their talents to the limelight. Let them perform if they would like, in front of the guests. This gesture may instil confidence in them.

9. Return Gifts

Presents and good wishes will be pouring in from everywhere. But one of the ways you can return back their appreciation is by providing guests, return gifts. Let your teenager distribute the same to friends, family members, and guests who made it to the party. This gesture may make them feel more responsible and in charge of the situation.

Your ‘to be’ teen son or daughter must be awaiting their birthday and by considering the above-mentioned tips on planning the birthday party, you can make the celebration even more cheerful.