When looking for tables and chairs for your children, your first thought might be fun and how well they will fit into the overall theme. Of course, style and color are big considerations, but you also have to consider safety when choosing furniture for kids. Here are some things that you should look for when buying tables and chairs for your children:


Appropriate Materials 
Although a stylish coffee table looks great in the dining area, children and glass do not go well together. You should stay away from materials that are breakable, fragile, or dangerous when choosing furniture for your kids. Similarly, metal chairs and tables are too unyielding and hard, which means that they can hurt your kids when they are playing

You should choose materials that are smooth and sturdy: polished wood and plastic. Before you choose wood furniture, it would be a good idea to brush up on different types of wood: composite wood, solid wood, and veneers. The best material of these is solid wood and you can find great deals if you know where to look. 
However, you need to know that solid wood is more susceptible to water rings and scratches. For this reason, you should consider going for veneer and composite wood when shopping for your kids. 

Non-toxic Paint 
If you are buying a piece with some paint finishing, you should make sure that it conforms to current safety standards: for more details about kid’s tables and chairs, you should do your own research before buying them. When your kids start teething, they will gnaw away at tables and beds. For this reason, you need to ensure that the furniture is safe and not covered in toxic lead-based paint.
Pre-used Furniture That Conforms to Safety Standards 
Old pieces of furniture tend to have rough edges and splinters that can scratch and hurt people. Before you purchase any vintage or antique pieces, you should make sure that they conform to the safety standards. The furniture should not have any loose screws or hinges that might fall apart at any minute. 

Moreover, the upholstery in old furniture might be inflammable. If you buy vintage chairs, make sure that you replace the old cushions with new upholstery that meets the current standards for safety. 

Smooth and Rounded Corners 
If you buy tables and chairs with sharp corners, they will pose a risk to kids who like running around and whose faces might be at table height. Make sure that you opt for furniture with rounded corners to keep your children safe. If you already have sharp-cornered tables in your living and dining areas, you should consider padding them with rubber material. 

Non-slip Furniture 
Brightly colored and lightweight furniture can look appealing and fun but if it is slippery, you should avoid it. For instance, tables that move when you lean on them are not a good choice because they will move and cause injuries. You should not buy furniture that will fall over easily when you place your child on top of it. For this reason, it is a good idea to take your child with you when you go furniture shopping. 

Vivid Colors
You must buy furniture in the most satisfying colors if you want your kids to like it. The design and look of the furniture is also important. At first glance, the tables and chairs should be fun and vividly colorful. The color of the furniture can uplift your children’s moods and make them feel happier. 

Make sure that you choose their favorite colors. For instance, if your girls love pink, you should look for pink chairs and tables. If you cannot find that specific color, you can always buy the paint yourself and DIY the paintjob. When painting the furniture for yourself, you need to buy a sanding paper for removing any old paint, a brush for application, and lead-free paint. 

Easy to Clean 
You need to buy pieces that are easy to clean when looking for kids’ furniture. Your child will most likely be spilling food and drinks in every nook and cranny of the table. For this reason, you should choose furniture that you can easily clean to avoid stress. 

If you opt for furniture with fabric, make sure that the fabric is removable to make your job easier. In terms of cleanliness, solid wood furniture is not a good choice because liquids will damage it. Plastic is much easier to clean and maintain; when your child spills a drink on a plastic table, you can easily wipe it off. 
Because children grow up very fast, you need to invest in tables and chairs that are easy to adjust. If you want to keep the furniture for longer, ensure that you buy adjustable pieces. You do not want to have to buy new chairs every year because your child cannot fit in the ones that you bought the previous year. If you cannot find adjustable tables and chairs, you should go with a bigger size that your child will fit in for years to come. 
You should invest in collapsible furniture that is easy to store when your kids are not using it. Instead of having a house full of furniture, you should store the kids’ furniture whenever they are not using it. This will make your house look less congested. When the furniture is in use, you need to ensure that its safety features are in use. 
Ease of Use
Make sure that you buy tables and chairs that are easy to set up and take apart. You should not struggle to assemble the furniture every time that your kids want to use it. You need to test the ease of use of the furniture before you take it home. This way, you will not be struggling to put it together on your own. 
When buying furniture for your children, make sure that you follow the above tips. You do not want to end up with pieces that will hurt your children or pose serious health risks.