Choosing to purchase your own home is a major decision in itself. However, once this decision has been made, there are a number of factors to consider when looking to buy the right house that will suit your family’s needs. Home is where the heart is, and buying a house will have a major impact on your lifestyle, so it is important to know exactly what must be considered when looking at new homes for sale.

1. What will the true cost be?

Buying a house is a major financial investment, and often costs more than people initially realise. Not only do you have to consider the actual price of the house, but stamp duty (which falls between 0% and 12% depending on the final selling price of the house), agents' fees, and potential capital gains tax on the sale of your old property must all be considered too. In addition, if you are taking out a mortgage, then you need to calculate how much your interest payments will amount to over the coming years in order to find out the true cost of your purchase. Finally, you also need to establish if the home you are buying requires any additional maintenance or repairs.

2. Size

Before looking at any new homes for sale though, it is important to filter the lists of available properties. Establishing what size of house, you are looking for is an incredibly important first step. For this, you must take into consideration the balance between your present needs and budget, as well as any potential future considerations such as wanting to start a family. Establishing how many bedrooms you require is usually a good starting point, although lots of houses offer flexibility when it comes to converting attics or office spaces into additional bedrooms.

3. Location

Another key filtering point is working out where you want to live. Considering that you are likely to spend the vast majority of your time in your new home, it is important to be completely satisfied with your location and its surroundings. From this, local geography and infrastructure should also be taken into account. Are you close to good schools? Do you have a train station nearby? Is the area susceptible to flooding? Location, location, location is crucial to house buying and your future happiness in a new property.

4. House position

The position of a house is a very specific consideration. The positioning of your house can have a huge impact on a number of important features. If a house is set back from the predominant property line then you are likely to receive reduced noise from the road, as well as be further away from people walking along the street, offering greater privacy. The orientation of the house and its position relative to tall trees will have an impact on sunlight, which will also have a direct impact on lighting and heating bills. 

5. Student loans and debt

While all outstanding loans and debts should be taken into consideration when looking at financing a house, and they will certainly be taken into account by any lending or mortgage providers, student loans deserve a special mention. Because student loans are not paid back until a certain income level is reached, but continue accumulating interest during these times, the amount owed back to the student loans company can continue to creep upwards without realisation. Equally, as soon as the threshold is reached, payments have to be made, which will have an impact on your monthly income, and may affect your ability to pay a mortgage. Therefore, it is well worth considering how your student debt could have an impact on buying a new house.