It is a notorious fact that in the English language, the process of mastering writing skills is quite complicated and long-lasting. That is due to the fact that the orthography of the majority English words completely differs from their actual sounding. Therefore, valid tips for improving these skills are the essential elements of mastering the language.

Strategies for Strengthening Your Writing

Writing skills are essential in student's education. You should master the fundamental aspect of writing with the help of the following strategies:

Use Mnemonic Tools

The primary strategy for improving the orthography of English words is the application of mnemonic tools like statement, acronym, and rhyming. 


It facilitates denotation of the meaning of words with difficult orthography. The importance of this item is that we frequently cannot master word’s orthography because we do not comprehend its meaning. For instance, if you still cannot spell the word “weight,” keep in mind that it implies the mass of the body. Also, pay your attention to the mute letters in this word, specifically, “gh” which are not pronounced, but you mustn't miss them while writing. 


Such valuable mnemonic device as rhyming assists in memorizing word’s orthography through rhyming it with another one that has similar sounding. So, when you try to master orthography of the word “weight,” you can rhyme it with its consonant one like height, neighbor, etc.


Another valid mnemonic tool called acronym implies putting together first letters of a few individual words. For example, a well-known phrase laughing out loud is turned into the acronym “LOL” that is quite common in the contemporary communication. Also, you can effectively master word’s orthography by separating letters of one word into several individual linguistic units. In essence, you can separate the word “weird” into such linguistic units as white, envy, intelligent, red and dear. Having combined their first letters, we get the very word “weird.”

Play Games

It is not only learning but also a very entertaining technique for improving spelling. For instance, you can try such games as School Bus Spelling Game or Long O Spelling. These games are effective and exciting not only for kids but also for adults. The player is assigned to create specific word once it is heard and to build the bridge using it. Thus, you become focused on memorizing the spelling of the assigned word.

Split the Words into Syllables

Another valid tip to improve spelling is separating word with difficult spelling into syllables. For example, it will be much easier for you to remember such long and hardly spelled word as “embarrassed” if you divide it into syllables like “em,” “bar” “ras” “sed.” This practical tool effectively demonstrates that people more intensively memorize short words and their parts.

Useful Tips to Make your Writing Better

Once you’ve improved your spelling skills, you can successfully make progress in your written works. Here are some valid tips that can effectively help you to implement this goal:

To make your writing clear to readers, try to apply active voice instead of passive one. In English, sentences in the active voice demonstrate the doer and the receiver of the implemented action.
  The second valuable advice to each writer is to be clear in the ideas you are going to introduce in your written piece.  To do so, you should follow sentence structure, write short sentences, and avoid using too complicated phrases.
  Avoid alliteration and tautology. It will make your statement coherent and well-organized.
  Tell less and show more instead. It is an important rule for effective writing. The writer should not just to introduce his or her idea. Instead, the author has to argue for it, providing the valid supporting evidence and effectively conveying his or her message.
Keep in mind the structure of your work. To make your text consistent and well-organized, you should create the plan for your paper. Divide it into such important parts as introduction, body, and conclusion. Create the outline for each section. Thus, you will be able to consistently develop your idea and logically complete your written piece.
  Proofreading. It is the final and the most significant stage of writing. Once you’ve finished working on your text, proofread it thoroughly. It will help you to detect and correct mistakes, as well as to avoid them in the future.

To sum up, improving writing skills is a fundamental part of learning process since it plays a vital role in each academic and business activity. The primary phase of developing writing skills is spelling improvement. It is based on such essential tools as mnemonic devices, spelling games, and dividing words into syllables. Considering tips for strengthening writing skills, it is worth taking into account such aspects as the paper structure, providing arguments to support the idea, removal of alliterations, tautologies, passive voice, using accessible language, and proofreading.