For many years, fashion and art have been inextricably interconnected, and when you think about it, it’s easy to see why. After all, fashion is, primarily, about self-expression and isn’t that what art is all about?

Merging artistic works with high fashion is nothing new. In fact, you only need to think of summer 2017’s Louis Vuitton’s signature bag collection featuring paints from the Old Masters which proved to be so popular among the Belgravia set. The fashion industry has long-forged links with art, and by incorporating artistic elements into designs, fashion can be transformed from frivolous to meaningful, whether on the catwalk, on the high street, or online.

Shape and Form
All designers have a natural curiosity surrounding form, colour and shape, so it’s only natural that they would be drawn to artworks in all their many incarnations. This fascination is nothing new – you need only to look at the iconic 1960s Yves St Laurent shift dress with its primary colour block print that reflects the Mondrian cubist movement to see that art and fashion have been blending seamlessly together for years.

A Reflection of Personality
Perhaps one of the most important reasons behind the merger of these two creative forms is the fact that art in fashion allows for self-expression in a unique way that is impossible when wearing generic garments. A t-shirt featuring an artistic print speaks volumes about the wearer and their individual personality – far more than could ever be expressed by wearing a plain white or black tee. Art in fashion doesn’t need to be high end or high-brow – in fact, something as simple as an art print on a sweatshirt can take your wardrobe to a whole new level.

The Killing Tree’s Art Concept
For years now, The Killing Tree has been on a mission to bring art to the world of affordable fashion, combining unique prints with basic pieces to make a bold and dramatic statement. Using striking original designs, The Killing Tree gives clothing a status beyond that of mere necessity, and with an aim to spread the word about the benefits of art to the world, a free matching art print with every tee comes as standard. Bringing the ability to express yourself through art within easy reach of everyone, The Killing Tree is proud to share their unique blend of fashion and art with shoppers everywhere.