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Structural Elements of Academic Paper 
Writing for college is quite hard. It has to contain the obligatory structural elements. If one of the structural parts is missing, the paper will never be graded highly. Here are the parts any proper paper has to contain:

Introduction. In this part the student has to explain the background of his research. He has present shortly what knowledge is available and what more can be discovered. 
Methodology. For the majority of the academic papers this part is important. The methodology will determine how successful or unsuccessful the research will be. There are many scientific methods. It is quite hard to choose the right ones.
Main body. This part usually is composed of smaller chapter. This part is the essence of every academic paper. It presents the author's idea about the subject. This is the biggest part of the paper.
Discussion. This part is very important for college, term papers and thesis. Discussion chapter let’s the author to justify that his research is worthy. He should show in this part his input and underline what more can be done.
Conclusions. This is the key part. It shows the reading and intellectual potential of the student. The Conclusions are quite short but very hard to produce.
References. This is the very last part of every paper. It is obligatory to form the literature list in one of the official academic styles. It is also good to classify the literature into primary and secondary sources.
These are the main parts for the academic paper. Though, some types of academic work you can require more complex structure.  It is very important to include all possible parts into the paper. Then the work will be graded highly.

You should always clarify to the writer which structural parts your paper has to contain. The professors usually detalise what structure is needed. Provide the writer with all the requirements. 

What Is Academic Content
Not only formal structure of each paper values for college. Content is still the most important part. Fine  academic content can be characterized by the following features:

It is grounded on research. There are many different types of research. The student can make an experiment or simply systematize the information. Every paper has to be based on some research element.
It is very accurate with data. Academic work is based on facts, figures and analytical conclusions. Each new thought the student presents in his work he has to justify. 
It is written using academic vocabulary, and avoids unnecessary wordiness. Writing a lot where one can use just one sentence cannot be considered a proper academic writing style. 

Developing content for college is a hard task. It requires much effort and profound analysis. That's why if you decide to order any paper, choose the writer who has proper experience both in your subject and in academic writing. Without sufficient knowledge it is impossible to write a valuable academic paper.

Writing for colleges and universities is complicated. That is why it is a good idea to outsource the academic writing services if you can’t manage it all yourself. Professional authors will write the right paper that will meet all necessary requirements.