Shopping for accessories is always fun, but it can get overwhelming very fast as there are just too many of them. If you let yourself go, you might go way over your budget. But if you are too careful, you might miss some piece necessary to complete your wardrobe. Therefore, you should always start shopping for must-have accessories and get quirky pieces only when you have some extra money.

7 Must-Have Accessories for Any Occasion

1. Watch
A high-quality wristwatch is one of the timeless fashion trends. The styles of watches change with the trends, but the necessity of this accessory remains. Your best bet is to go for a classic piece like Grand Seiko that will look equally well with your office outfit and casual clothes.hat will look equally well with your office outfit and casual clothes.

Automatic watches are both cheaper and more convenient to use, so opt for them if your budget is limited. If you want to stay up to date with the current tech developments, you should get a smartwatch.

2. An elegant charm necklace
A necklace is one of the must-have accessories of all times as people have been wearing them for many millennia. They signified status, belonging, and a variety of other important things. In today’s society, necklaces usually represent only your sense of style and, sometimes, wealth.

An elegant but original piece, like Charmed Simplicity Necklace, is a good choice as you can combine it with many outfits, both casual and semi-formal. Simple jewelry like this looks classy, yet it shows off your creativity and character.

3. Colorful bangle
Every woman needs to a piece of jewelry that will bring on party mood, and a pretty bangle is perfect for that. As today’s fashion promotes wearing large jewelry pieces in bold colors, you can add the bangle to almost any everyday look, unless your office has a strict dress code. But even then, you might be able to circumvent them by wearing a stylish piece made of plain wood.
Like with watches, today you can find a variety of smart-bracelets. They can have a multitude of built-in functions, though their designs are still somewhat lacking.

4. Hat
A hat does not only make you look chic but also helps to hide that you are having a bad hair day. Choosing the perfect hat for you is a great challenge, but you can draw inspiration from many fashionable celebrities.
It’s best to have a hat for any season. Choose them with your overall style in mind and forget about the outdated rule of matching your hat, shoes, and handbag.

5. Waist belt
A waist belt is one of the must-have accessories for any fashionista on a budget as it can completely transform your outfit. Wear it with a dress to make it look more stylish or add it to your basic button-down and skirt combo to look chic.

Choose a belt that will match some of your other accessories and fit well into your wardrobe’s color scheme.

6. Statement necklace
Statement jewelry pieces are must-have accessories even for women, who don’t dress up often. You should have them on hand for when the occasion comes up. If you love wearing jewelry, by default, you’ll need not only a statement necklace but a ring and earrings as well.

Bear in mind that you should only wear one statement piece at a time, and ‘tone down’ on the rest of your outfit to make it truly stand out. Today, you can wear a statement necklace to work, party, or even a community soccer game.

7. Ring
Another of must-have accessories for any occasion is a ring. This particular piece has long been associated with femininity, and it can really change the lo0ok of your hands. You can choose any kind of ring that will fit your style, but it’s best to have one big statement piece and one elegant piece with a tiny sparkling gem in it.