No, not the occasional day off from work or the day trip that seems to go by in a flash.

A real vacation is one where you are away from the daily grind for at least a long weekend or even a week or more.

Whether work, family, and even money, you’ve not had a real vacation for a period of time. As a result, you may very well feel as if you’re a little burned out.

In counting the days to your next vacation, be sure to have a plan in place.

With the right plan in order, you can end up having a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Start Planning Your Fun Getaway

In doing your best to plan your fun getaway, keep in mind a few keys:

1. Where are you going? – The most important question of course to answer is where are you going? If you are thinking about somewhere exotic and out of the U.S., could it be Brazil? If so, you are not alone in that thought process. In going to one of South America’s most popular destinations, a Brazil vacation guide is what you need. Such a guide will help you pinpoint what parts of the country you want to see. It can also help you with entertainment and cultural desires. Last, know what kinds of foods wets your appetite. Before you know it, you will become somewhat of an expert on Brazil before your plane ever takes off.

2. What kind of travel budget do you have? – The last thing you want during your trip is feeling as if you can’t afford it. Do your best pre-trip to build up a travel budget. By doing this, you are less likely to get anxious over what you spend during your vacation. In setting up a travel budget, you also want to do your best to look for deals. One of the best ways to go about this is by using the Internet. The web can help you in finding discounts on airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and more. When you go to add prices up, you should see some discounts that will make you enjoy your trip even more.

3. What will you do to avoid work? – Last, are you one of those individuals who always will have a hard time getting away from the office? If the answer is yes, you need to shake that problem. Taking your work with you on vacation is a recipe for disaster on several fronts. First, how do you expect to enjoy yourself if you’ve got work steering you in the face? Second, your loved ones with you on the trip will likely grow impatient with you when work is always popping up. The best thing to do is get as much of your work done before you leave for vacation. Heck, whatever does not get done can receive attention when you return from your trip. You may also have others who can pitch in and lessen the workload for you by the time you come back.

Counting the days to your next vacation can provide both fun and anxiety.

Do your best to look forward to the time away that you’ve earned.