Your free time is yours to spend it how you’d like. That’s the best part about it. There are no rules or right or wrong ways to relax. You have your own definition of leisure and that’s okay. Before jumping in, think about how you really enjoy spending your time. 

Also, consider taking up a new hobby or activity.  Let yourself explore how you’re feeling and what’s out there before committing to a single action. There’s no need to limit yourself either. If you try an activity and don’t like it, then move on to the next. Remember that it’s supposed to be pleasurable. See fun ways to spend your leisure time. 


Go shopping and pick out some new clothes or shoes. If you don’t want to spend money, then just head to the store and look around. Shopping is enjoyable, and it doesn’t mean you have to buy any particular items. Try clothes on and see how they fit and look just for fun. Go with your girlfriends or make the trip alone. Walk around and get your steps in for the day as part of your exercise. Maybe stop for lunch or a movie to top the day off. 


Start cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Get a new cookbook or go online and find recipes you haven’t tried. It’s a mindful and calming experience if you’re in the right mood. Take your time chopping up the vegetables and read the instructions to make sure you’re doing it right. Once you’re done, set up a nice meal for yourself and indulge in the flavors of your creation. Cooking is frustrating for some, but this is the time to slow down and give yourself a chance to learn.


Listen to music or make your own. Music is good for your brain and will put you in a good mood. Take up the piano or guitar if you have extra time. Otherwise, pick out your favorite songs and blast them as you clean the house. Let the music take you away and enjoy the beats and sounds it offers. Head to a local jazz club and get a feel for a new type of music if you’re feeling adventurous.  


Golf is a great hobby to take up in your free time. You don’t have to be an expert to play and have fun. Head to the driving range to practice a bit before you hit the main course. Take notice of what clubs you’re playing with and get new ones if necessary. They sell all types, including the most forgiving irons for high handicappers. Don’t be intimidated. There are many golfers in your same shoes trying to learn the game. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather when you’re out there and do the best you can with what you’ve got. 


Pick up a book and stay at home or head out onto your patio to relax. Get lost in a good story to clear your mind and unwind. Reading will settle your thoughts and draw you into a new world and focus. Kick your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea while you’re at it. Reading’s good for your mind and is the perfect way to take a break from all the chaos of the day. Head to the library and pick out new books if you’re tired of what you have at home. It’s a fun trip and will give you something to do. 


Have a picnic in the park with your leisure time. Pack up your favorite food, drinks and snacks and head to a local spot or take a day trip somewhere nice. Set up shop and enjoy the outdoors, while eating your favorite foods. It’s fun to do alone or with your family. Lay down a blanket and settle in for a short nap if you’re feeling it. Bring a fun lawn game if you’re with other people and challenge each other to a friendly contest. 


Your free time may consist of an activity as simple as walking. Take walks around your neighborhood or go for a long hike with your pet. Walking is good for your mind, body and soul and will help keep you in shape. Look around and embrace nature and all the beauty that surrounds you. Mix it up and take long and short walks on different days. Buy a fitness bracelet that has the capability to track your heart rate and the amount of steps if you want to stay in shape. 


Use your leisure time to plant a garden in your backyard. Start small and grow it each year as you get better at planting and taking care of it. Gardening is an activity that’s very peaceful, and you’ll learn a lot in the process. Plant items that you can cook with and enjoy in the summertime. Make it your project and be in charge of up keeping it and deciding what you’ll plant and grow.  


Pick up a paintbrush or head to a class and start painting. You don’t have to be a professional to take up painting in your free time. Research tutorials or, don’t worry about it and, paint what you want because it makes you happy. It’s a creative activity that’s also good for destressing. Let your imagination run wild and come up with all different sorts of final paintings. It’s easy to locate canvases and brushes at your local craft store and find how-tos online.  


Spend a day or take a vacation to the beach relaxing. It’s the prime spot for anyone who wants to use up some of their leisure time. Bring your towel and a good book and enjoy putting your feet in the sand. Listen to the waves crashing and the birds singing as you soak up the sun. The beach is a place of peaceful serenity and is the perfect spot to go if you’re feeling stressed or restless. It’s an easy day trip if you live close by and that’s all you need is a beach bag and your swimming suit. Go alone or round up a group of friends and make a day of it laughing and playing volleyball. It’s one of those places that’s a priceless experience each time you go.

Out to Dinner

Spend your extra time and money going out to dinner. Get dressed up and try a new restaurant or two. It’s fun and exciting to check out new places. The best part is you won’t have to cook on the nights you go out. Enjoy researching new hot spots and what type of cuisine is being offered around you. Bring your family or a group of friends and make a night of it. Once you’re there, sit back and relax and take pleasure in the fact that you’ll be the one getting served.


Although not everyone likes to workout, many people do. Use your leisure time to go for a long run or take a yoga session out in the park. It’s also the perfect time to go to your local gym and investigate what new classes are being offered. Take up a new challenge you haven’t done before and enjoy sweating out all of your toxins. If you were too busy to exercise before, now’s your time to get all of your sweat sessions in and appreciate the experience. 

Friends & Family

Call up your friends and family and see if any of them have extra time to spend with you. They’ll love to hear from you if it’s been a while and you’ll get to reconnect with those who are close to you. You’ll be able to catch up by telling them where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to in your time off. Listen to their life adventures as well and relish in each other’s company. It’ll feel good to meet up with those who you haven’t seen for some time. Stay in touch and make it a point to get together more often. 


Your free time is not only for you, but also a chance to give back to your community. Think about all of the people in need and how much time you have on your plate. It can be as big or little of a commitment as you’d like. Research opportunities in your area and decide where you’d like to volunteer based on your interests and how much free time you’re willing to give up. Those on the other end will be more than appreciative to have you spending your time with them. If you enjoy it, you probably have the option to make a weekly or monthly commitment to the organization. 


There’s no right or wrong way to spend your free time. It’s an individual decision that each person must decide on their own. Numerous activities are available at your fingertips each day. Either use it as a chance to try a new hobby or get back into what you loved doing before you were busy. These are fun ways to spend your leisure time.