New Jersey might be known for its all night diners and expansive highways, but sometimes you just want to enjoy a slower pace of life. Thankfully, New Jersey is also home to the Delaware River, which snakes throughout the entire length of the Garden State. If you think you’re up for the challenge, you better make sure that you are well prepared with lots of provisions, a sturdy paddle, and a well planned out route.

Some parts of the Delaware will leave you leisurely flowing downstream while others will require you to steer, maneuver, and give it all that you’ve got. One thing that you will absolutely need while canoeing in NJ is the Paddle Partner app to keep you on course and ready for your next adventure.

Packing for Your Camping Trip In NJ

Whether you’re coming from far away or a neighboring state, going to New Jersey for an action packed camping trip means that you have to pack up all the right provisions. From hiking boots and river sandals to tents, sleeping bags, sunglasses and marshmallows, you should store away everything that you will need for your trip well in advance. Of course, if you keep the Paddle Partner app handy, you can know in advance where you will be setting up camp on each day and be one step ahead of the game as far as preparation goes.

What to Know Before You Get Out On the Water

You can go out on the Delaware River with a few friends or family members or even all on your own if you are experienced enough. In either case, pushing your canoe out into the water and just going with the flow is not advised. Instead, you should know precisely where you started out and pick out your final destination, so you won’t have any trouble when you decide to head back home. During the quieter parts of your trip down the Delaware, you will be able to sit back and truly take in all of your surroundings. Know in advance when you should be keeping your eyes peeled for white water and jagged rocks so that you can stay safe and alert. This will ensure that you have plenty of stories to recount to your friends when your camping trip in New Jersey finally ends.

Choosing a Great Campsite

If you intend on setting up your campsite in an area that leaves you in close proximity to walking trails, but still close enough so that you can get back out on the Delaware River, you should use the Paddle Partner app. Sure, you can always depend on paper maps to help navigate the way, but you could spend more time than is needed to gain your bearings. If you want to get your day started as soon as you wake up and pack up your gear, the Paddle Partner app will keep you on track. The best part about this phone app is that you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to access maps or statistical data about your trip.

Reading Maps and Navigating The Delaware

Even the most seasoned navigator can read a map incorrectly. Getting off course happens routinely when you are traversing a waterway that you have never encountered before, and the 301 mile long Delaware River certainly takes some time to become familiar with. Although you may believe that it is best to enjoy camping and canoeing in New Jersey without any interference from the outside world, the Paddle Partner app is a little different. For safety reasons, you really should travel with a phone that your loved ones can access you on, but you don’t need any other bells or whistles in order to access complete and detailed maps outlining the Delaware River with this application.

Preparing for the Elements

You could be going to New Jersey to camp and enjoy the Delaware River in the fall when the weather is mild and the leaves on the trees are turning colors, or at the very height of the summer season. Either way, you don’t want to be many miles away from home without a few very necessary essentials for making the elements tolerable. It is advisable that you take along your favorite pair of sunglasses and a hat or sun visor to help reduce the glare off of the water that you will certainly encounter while canoeing. A poncho and an extra set of clothes should also be taken while you’re floating along as rain can truly come along at any time. Of course, bug repellant and long socks can also be helpful whether you’re hiking or paddling as there will be lots of mosquitoes living in close proximity to the river.

Documenting Your Adventures

As you encounter wildlife, beautiful sunsets and glorious adventures, it is only natural to want to have the ability to look back on your exciting NJ camping trip. Some pictures may capture your surroundings in all their glory, but you may also want to bring your selfie stick so that you can get a shot of yourself as you have the time of your life. Bringing your smartphone stored in a waterproof case can provide you with the perfect way to document your camping trip without having to be bogged down with extra gear. Not only will you be able to snap pictures with your smartphone, but you will be able to pull up the Paddle Partner app at any time. Record videos as you and your friends relax by the campfire and check the Paddle Partner app to make quick changes to the next stretch of your camping trip.

New Jersey is one of the best places to go canoeing, and the Delaware River has enough twists, turns, dips and inclines along it to keep you eager and waiting for more. Give yourself the ability to really enjoy your trip by depending on the Paddle Partner app for all of your navigational needs. Don’t be surprised if you decide to leave your paper maps stored away in your backpack the entire time you’re paddling on the Delaware.