When coming up with a wedding style, we all crave to break the rules. However, that does not mean that there are no tips that will help you to look your best.

If you are searching online for some tips to accessorize your gown, here are a few:

Do not overdo it

You should not go overboard when picking your wedding jewelry. Although it is quite tempting to overdo it with the bling and flashy jewelry, you should resist the urge. The last thing you want is for your accessories to outshine you on the big day.

When shopping for jewelry, do so with a ‘less is more’ mantra in your head. Instead of accessorizing each part of your body, you should buy a few important pieces. For instance, if you want to enhance your neckline, you should choose a good necklace or pair of earrings instead of opting for gaudy bangles that do not enhance your look. Katie from orlajames.com agreed “There is a fine line between too much jewellery and not enough and finding that line is just as important as the jewellery itself!”

Match the metal jewelry to your dress

Are you having a hard time choosing between silver and gold? You should let your dress choose for you by matching its color. For instance, if you have an ivory gown, you should choose gold jewelry to enhance its creamy shade. For a champagne-colored dress, gold jewelry will bring out the gold tones in the color. On the other hand,  if you have a white dress with a trendy sparkly belt, silver jewelry is best.

Look at the neckline

Your gown neckline plays a huge role in framing your face. Therefore, you need to help it by selecting a piece of jewelry that goes well with it. Does your Azazie dress have a sweetheart neckline? To divert all attention to your smile as well as create height, you should consider wearing a choker.

Alternatively, you can skip the neckwear and opt for chandelier earrings. Because your décolletage is the focal point, you should wear outstanding pieces of jewelry there, but do not hesitate to add a bangle or bracelet. If you have a V-neck dress, you can opt for a pendant, choker, or layer both of them.

With a reverse halter or halter dress, you should focus your attention on the hair – decorate it using pins, vines, or combs. Depending on the effect that you want, you can choose between floral or jeweled options.

Do not be overwhelmed

If finding a gown is easier than picking your jewelry, you should take a step back and focus your search. Which piece of jewelry can you not do without? You should go with that.

If you are still in doubt, try on some pearl or diamond studs because they usually complement any outfit. According to a PR firm in San Francisco, these classics are always popular with modern brides. Ensure that you do not buy your jewelry as part of a set; modern brides avoid accessories that look overly matchy.

Be yourself

To pick the perfect gift for your wedding, you should ensure that they are a reflection of you. Are you uncomfortable with big, gaudy earrings? Listen to your gut and wear smaller, classier pieces. If you love to stand out of the crowd, do not be afraid to opt for bold pieces: after all, it is your wedding.

the best part about choosing to be yourself is that you will feel comfortable on your wedding day instead of feeling like an imposter. With the right pieces of jewelry, you can convey the right message about your style and complement your look.
Are you still undecided about which jewelry to choose for your big day? You should discuss your choices with a close friend. Make sure that you choose a person who is not afraid of being brutally honest with you – do not choose the friend who likes to please everyone.