Nowadays vigor and youthfulness are associated with “perky” looks.Breast augmentation has become more than just a fringe benefit. Originally, the concept of “getting a boob job” was primarily introduced to correct developmental defects, or improve looks after a previous surgery or trauma, such as breast cancer.

However, later the idea of breast implants became a major factor in the cosmetic surgery industry. Do bigger sized breasts really enhance sex appeal and attract men? If so, then why?

It would be a contentious subject to discuss why men find heavy breasts more attractive. Yet many psychological and evolutionary studies (like the one in this thread on human female breast size) have shed some light on why men prefer certain breast sizes. Whatever the motivation may be behind the procedure of breast reshaping or resizing, getting a boob job will almost always be interpreted as cosmetic. The most common explanations by women across the world for getting their breast implants are:

1. Self Confidence:

Women from all age groups with skinny waists and flat chests are never satisfied with their looks. No matter how gorgeous they might appear, for them sexiness is defined as having a bottle-shaped figure and showing deep cleavage.

Not appearing like a woman in a fashion magazine makes them lose their confidence and develop weird complexes; especially when surrounded by hourglass-figured women. Therefore, many ladies who desire a voluptuous and alluring appearance to boost their self-confidence elect to have breast augmentation procedures.

2. Improved Fashion Choices:

Every woman will tell you that their wardrobe is confined to outfits she can “pull off”. A survey to determine the reasons behind breast augmentation actually highlighted this fact.

A huge number of women, especially ones who didn’t have AA cup sizes,stated that they wanted to fill out all their dresses perfectly.They no longer wanted to have to buy expensive padded bras to make any dress suit them. Full breasts can make any dress look exotically hot, even without being revealing.

3. Back to normal life:

As mentioned earlier in this article, many women after a trauma or surgery develop a post-traumatic stress disorder; especially if the incident altered their appearance. For women,looks are more consequential, which is why they care and worry about them.

It would be considered a horrendous, scary nightmare for any woman to either lose one or both of her breasts; getting them removed while treating breast cancer or a tragic accident. Women who decided to get an “augmentation mammoplasty” after such events claimed that the procedure returned normalcy to their life, and helped them regain the lost charm of a fulfilling physical relationship with their partners.

4. Post-Pregnancy:

Breasts after a pregnancy often look like bus