24-year-old Chinese singer and songwriter G.E.M. is being called the 'Taylor Swift of China.' How did she get compared to Taylor? She writes her own music about boys and her breakups. Now she's on her way to America.

G.E.M. stands for "Get Everybody Moving,' and she's a pop icon in Hong Kong and China.

She's got over 23 million followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo. On Instagram, she's got 2 million.

Her real name is Gloria Tang Tsz0kei, and she started her music career at the age of 13.

Her first song was about a schoolgirl crush. Starting to see the similarities?

She comes from a family that's gifted in music. Her uncle was a star at the violent, her mom is an expert pianist, and her grandfather is a saxophone player.

She blends her style of music with soulful Chinese music and Western sounds, saying that Western music has been a big influence in her music.

G.E.M.'s claim to fame was when she was spotted at a local school singing contest nine years ago. She was only 16-years-old then.

G.E.M. signed with Hummingbird Music, and flew to L.A. to record her songs. "Bubble" was her first big song in China, landing the top spot in the Chinese market in 2014.

The song was according to her, "initially a way of expressing all my tears and hurt and stuff out [after a bad breakup.] Love is like a bubble: if yo usee it through, it's supposed to be broken." - Deep.

Her 74-date world tour is expected to bring in an estimated $160 million.

She's also quite the performer and has no qualms performing in front of a 30,000-packed audience.

Her tour began in China and will head to places like New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Will she be able to break into the Western market? Here's her new music video titled "Goodbye."

Will she be able to mirror Taylor's success by capitalizing on her relationships through her music?

Only time will tell, but from the looks of it, she might just be able to pull it off.