Even fast food restaurants fail sometimes. McDonald's may not be able to botch their coffee up, but it's their burgers which will give you the tickles. Here are some of the saddest, but also most hilarious burger fails ever:

1. This microscopic pickle.

2. Cucumbers instead of pickles.

3. The guy who ordered a plain burger. This is literally a plain burger.

4. Here's an extremely well-done Sausage McMuffin:

5. No ketchup means more ketchup.

6. Just how long has this bun been around for??

7. Cheese outside the cheese burger.

8. Half-Mac.

9. What is this mess?

10. Freshly made buns, because who wants to eat meat, right?

11. Mc-Where's-the-Chicken.

12. Someone call CSI to investigate this scene.

13. Phallic-looking nuggets.