Believe it or not but this picture that has been floating around the Internet for years is actually for an ad. Most of us got fooled into believing that this picture was of a real family. It was in fact for a cosmetic clinic called Simple Beauty.

The picture circulated widely as an ad with this caption: "The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to tell the kids."

The picture was then picked up by a lot of other clinics, using the image and soon it was online and it went viral.

But it wasn't until Heilongjiang tabloid released a story that claimed the model in the picture was the real mother and husband to the others you see in it. The story alleged that the model, Heidi Yeh, had undergone extensive plastic surgery and lied to her husband and when he realized what had happened, he sued Yeh for not telling him the truth and deceiving him into having kids with her.

The story went viral and subsequently also ruined Yeh's career. She said in a press conference that she was unable to get jobs after it went viral and is now suing J. Walter Thompson talent agency and the cosmetic clinic behind the portrait for 5 Million NTD for the potential work she has lost due to the ad.