For some reason, there have been way too much news about escalators and their quest to end humanity lately. According to some news reports, many of these cases go unreported too! Recently, a short fatal fall involving a mother into a hole atop an escalator went viral. It was sad. It was incredibly tragic.

Her son was saved thankfully, but the mother did not make it.

The tragedy was only the first of three high-profile incidents that happened on Chinese escalators.

On Tuesday, a teenager burst into an empty hotel elevator shaft, fell, and died.

People are now trying to be more self-reliant and aware of the dangers of escalators now, resulting in some unique ways of riding them. This one for example:

The can't-be-too-overly careful dad:

Checking to see if any panels are loose with an umbrella:

There's even a guide circulating with a way for riding an escalator.

Then things got weird, and even more dangerous. This is one girl's safety tip: "As long as I don't touch the ground, I'm safe."

This is a similar idea:

But seriously, these are all really bad ideas.

Even handrails can be dangerous. Either way, pay attention to your surroundings when you're on an escalator. Be safe out there, peeps.

And for goodness sake, parents, please get your children to behave around them!