Here's a bummer study to read if you feel like you lack getting some action in the sack with your S.O. Basically, a team from Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that couples who have a lot of sex than the average mean, are less happier than those who had way less.

The study took three months, and half the couples had to double the amount of sex they were having, while the other half maintained their current sex habits.

Each person in the segmented couples independently answered questions about personality traits, mood, relationship quality and interest in sex.

It turns out, the group who doubled their frequency reported to feel less happy with their sex lives, and even experienced a decreased desire for sex.

The researchers found that more sex can actually create problems for some relationships.

But even the researchers don't want to believe what they found and observed and the lead researcher, George Lowenstein says:

I remain convinced that couples don’t have enough sex and more sex is good for couples and individuals. Unfortunately, this study did not give me the fodder to make that claim.

This study needs more studying, we say.