Sleep. When you were young you hated it. Now that you're older, you can't wait for it. Just about everyone is probably sleep deprived. There are only so few hours in a day. And not a lot of them are for rest. Here are the things people who are sleep deprived truly understand.

1. Your relationship with your bed is sacred and important.

2. When it is time to get up, you tell yourself you don't want to.

3. You want to take revenge on the people who interrupted your sleep the night before.

4. You do this to your alarm clock, though not this drastic.

5. When you finally get to sleep, you over do it and you get even more tired.

6. Your morning coffee doesn't take you out of the daze.

7. Sometimes, not even a few cups will do the trick.

8. You often fall asleep at work, at your desk.

9. When you finally meet your bed again, you facepalm it.

10. You preach that Saturday is for sleeping. And so is Sunday, actually.

11. If you have no reason to get up, all you want to do is go back to your bed.

12. Waiting for people to arrive can be yawn-inducing.

13. Taking public transport doesn't help. You'll just fall asleep.

14. You keep telling yourself you need to sleep. And you really do.

15. When your day is done, all you want to do is be like this fella here: