What comes to mind when you think of sex toys? Nothing creative other than dildos right? Fact is, there are tons of weird sex toys out there. Some of them are also kind of freaky. Here's a list of what's available these days.

1. Rubber duckie vibrator

And it doubles up as a bath companion?

2. Sex toys that require internet connection

Are you in a long-distance relationship? The Internet is making it easy for all your loving to be done online. It interacts and responds to each other and even records your noises during the experience for future use. I personally used this wifi-controlled vibrator with my girlfriend. I was living in England and she was in Australia. I found this vibrator in a sex shop in Birmingham and I told her to pick one up at her local sex shop in Adelaide

3. This looks like a weird mutated rubber duckie but it really is..

A rotating tongue wheel. That's right. Skip going down there with portable wheel. It's called "Squeel".

4. Vibrating Teddy Bear

This is supposed to be a discreet vibrator. Its nose stimulates "the clitoris and the tongue penetrates the vagina." What the?

5. Deep-sea creatures?

No, these are dildos and penis sleeves and "experimental toys" that are meant to look like genitals of squids, sharks and other dangerous creatures.

6. The Autoblow 2

This device simulates the sensation of a blow job. It is topped with a realistic replica of human lips for robot BJ experience. This is all kinds of weird. This product is very popular around the world, I'm sure that your local adult shop has it in stock. If not, you can find blog posts on Google listing the best adult shops near you and call them one by one to make sure they have it in stock before you drive there.

7. Religious dildos.

How offensive is this?!

8. Smart vibrator controlled by phone.

Called Vibease, it is a wearable vibrator that coordinates with "audio fantasy". It has programs to provide a multi-sensory experience for women. It was also a crowdfunding project that achieved 870% of its goal. I first saw it when I was visiting a sex shop in Brisbane for fun, but I also saw it in many adult shops in Sydney.

9. Vagina Periscope

This looks like something William Masters used. Anyway, it lets you take a deep look at what goes on down there.

10. Sex toy glove.

At first, this looks like a mini punching glove you control with a glove. Un-creatively called "The Glov" it lets you attach various vibrators you can control with several buttons.

11. Sonic vibrator

The Revel Body relies on "linear resonating motors", which allows it to produce vibrations at reduced noise levels.

12. Sex doll for....dogs.

Hey your dog needs to hump too.

13. Foot fetish sex toy?

For people who want to bang feet. I didn't know people who had this fetish existed.

14. Vibrating laundry machine

Kill two birds with one stone. Called the Orgasmatron 3000, it lets you saddle up on it while you wait for the laundry to be done.

15. Artificial hymen

This is super gross.

16. Kiiroo's matching pair of sex toys used on a private social media

Kiiroo is designed to let people meet on the Internet and use luxury sex toys to "physically touch each other online".

Did we miss out any weird sex toys?