Women have been changing the world for a long time. Basically everything you use today and like, was invented by a woman. Check out the list below:

1. The modern electric refrigerator

You can thank Florence Parpart for your refrigerator today. She invented the modern electric version in 1914.

2. Monopoly

Before computers and the Internet, board games dominated the living room. Now we're all drones and slaves to whatever is on our screens. The board game was invented by Elizabeth Magie in 1904 and was originally called "The Landlord's Game". It was a critique of the injustices of unchecked capitalism. 30 years later Charles Darrow ripped off her game and sold it to Parker Brothers, who later tracked down Magie and paid her $500.

3. The fire escape

Public safety was never quite considered until 1887 by Anna Connelly.

4. The life raft

Maria Beasely invented the life raft in 1882 because she thought people should just stop dying in huge transportation disasters.

5. Residential solar heating

Dr. Maria Telkes teamed up with architect Eleanor Raymond to build the first home entirely heated by solar power in 1947.

6. The car heater

The car heater directed air from over the engine to warm the passengers inside and was invented by Margaret A. Wilcox in 1893.

7. The ice cream maker

You wouldn't have a freezer today if it was not for Nancy Johnson. She invented the ice cream freezer in 1843 and its design is still used even till today.

8. The medical syringe

I don't know what they used to use to administer medicine, but thank God for Letitia Geer. In 1899 she invented a medical syringe that could be operated with only one hand.

9. The dishwasher

The dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1887. Perhaps the most important invention every relationship needs to have.

10. The computer algorithm

Ada Lovelace is the mother of computer algorithm. She worked with Charles Babbage at the University of London on his plans for an "analytic engine" to develop ways to program machines with mathematical algorithms. Lovelace is essentially the first computer programmer.

11. Central heating

Alice Parker didn't like being cold at home during winter, so she invented a system of gas-powered central heating. This was in 1919, and while the design was never built, it was the first time someone had thought of using natural gas to heat up a home.

12. Disposable diapers

Remember the time when you wore cloth diapers instead? Now that you're a parent, you should thank Marion Donovan profusely for inventing a way to get rid of mess immediately back in 1951. Plus you don't have to wash the diaper! Donovan pretty much changed parenting forever.

13. Wireless transmissions technology

Hedy Lamarr invented a secret communications system during World War II for radio-controlling torpedos. She basically used "frequency hopping" which laid the foundations for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS.

14. CCTV

Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the closed-circuit television security cameras. It was patented in 1969 and intended to help people ensure their own security. She basically laid the foundations for modern CCTV systems use for home and everywhere else today.

15. Telecommunications technology

Dr. Shirley Jackson was the first black woman to receive a Ph.D. from MIT in 1973, but her bigger contributions included the portable fax, touch tone telephone, solar cells, fibre optic cables and the technology for called ID and call waiting. Godsend.

16. The paper bag

Margaret Knight invented a machine that could produce square-bottomed bags in 1871. She also invented the rotary engine.

17. Computer software

Dr Grace Murray Hopper was a computer scientist. She invented COBOL and was the first person to use the term "bug" to describe a glitch.

18. Ironing board

Sarah Boone invented the ironing board in 1892 ensuring that more than a century later, your shirts will never be creased.

19. Kevlar

Kevlar has saved the lives of countless many, and they can thank chemist Stephanie Kwolek for inventing it. Her invention is five times stronger than steel and has more than 200 other uses aside from stopping bullets.

20. Retractable dog leash

Mary A. Delaney created the first retractable leading device back in 1908. It could be attached to a collar, and keep pets under control while giving them some freedom to roam.

21. Beer

Beer, as it turns out, is a lady's drink! Beer historian Jane Peyton claims that ancient Mesopotamian women were the first to develop, sell and drink beer.

22. Foot pedal trash can

Don't like to touch the trash can? No worries. Just step on the pedal to open the lid. You can thank Lilian Gilbreth for this ingenious tweak. In the early 1900s, she designed the shelves inside refrigerator doors, made the trash can open with a foot pedal trash can.

23. Windshield wipers

You'd think that the folks who invented cars would have thought of this immediately. It was actually Mary Anderson, who invented the first manual windshield wipers in 1903. Clearly, it was safer to drive while being able to see. Charlotte Bridgwood, invented an automatic version with an electric roller in 1917.

It was only when Anderson's patent expired in 1920 when cars started to include them.

24. Alphabet blocks

Adeline D.T. Whitney patented the wooden alphabet blocks in 1882 to help children learn their ABCs.

25. Invisible glass

General Electric's first female scientist - Katharine Blodgett invented the invisible glass in 1935. It could transfer monomolecular coatings to glass and metals which resulted in no glare and distortion. So your eyeglasses, microscopes and cameras are all made possible because of this.