Newsflash: Nobody likes Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull's World Cup song. The 'We Are One (Ole Ola),' official World Cup 2014 song by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez is a huge flop. The video had mixed reviews and disappointing results.

Like all World Cup music videos, this one here features lots of fun, and interspersed with Brazilian stereotypes like samba dancers and capoeira performers. Now Brazilians all around the world are pissed. It is as if Brazil is just one big street party with scantily clad women.

As LA Times reports:
…the cause of the most wincing across this country was the reproduction of the same visual stereotypes which have dominated Brazil's reputation for decades, which many had hoped the 2014 World Cup would help them move past.

"This World Cup theme song is a big pile of cliches," tweeted Leka Peres, 27, a DJ and music journalist who previously worked as a program director at MTV Brazil.

Later, she explained: "You know that idea of an American that thinks the capital of Brazil is Argentina? That's what this is," she said. "They grab two 'Latinos' from the world of global pop to make a song that has nothing to do with Brazil."
If you haven't watch the music video for it just yet, take a look at it below: