If crops, neon hues and overalls don’t necessarily sound like a bad idea to you, maybe, just maybe, the 90s should be your style mojo. While many agree that the 90s weren’t the chicest of all eras, the decade certainly has its own charm. From plaid galore and butterfly hair clips to denim overload and layers and layers of pearls worn the edgy way, here are a few ways to revive the 90s and make the love-it-or-hate-it decade a part of your wardrobe.

Get Your Denim Fix 

Whether you go double denim in true 90s R&B star fashion or prefer to opt for an oversize denim overall (unfastened, of course), one thing is certain: you can’t ever wear to much denim when emulating this bold and fun era. Think XXL cuts and boyfriend jeans, mom jeans with a cool flair and a high-waist silhouette and the largest, comfiest denim jackets around. Pair up your denim overload outfit with silver hoops for a look that’s quintessentially 90s. 

Opt for Bold, Vibrant Hues

There’s nothing that screams 90s louder than a pair of neon platform flip flops or a pair of phosphorescent green leggings (with the mandatory shine, of course). But there’s a slightly more stylish way to embrace the bold hue these days. Instead of committing to hot pink from head to toe, embrace accents and accessories in bold, vivid shades. A pair of neon pumps? YES! A flirty pair of earrings in a powerful statement shade? Also yes!

Go for Statement Accessories

The 90s were definitely not shy when it came to accessorizing – the more, the better – and the bigger, the better. From hairclips to plastic bangles and from multilayered choker pearl necklaces rocked with black lace ensembles, everything was IN. From Madonna to Chrissy Turlington, more was definitely more when it came to pearls – and you can too rock the look with a pair of bold pearl earrings or a standout necklace. 

Embrace Flannels and Plaid Patterns

There are quite a few style staples that define each decade. And when it comes to the 90s, they were certainly never short on plaid (remember Clueless?). Next in line: flannel shirts in every color combo imaginable, rocked by everyone from teenagers to popstars. If you’re into the look, you’re in luck, because 2020 definitely has a fair bit of plaid pants and plaid shirts on the fashion agenda. 

Opt for Slip Dresses & Skirts

There’s a casual, effortless vibe attached to the 90s style, despite the decade’s favoritism towards vibrant hues and bold accessories. And there’s nothing that suits the effortless mantra better in true 90s fashion than a little slip dress. 2020 is also into slip dresses of every kind, from the satin to the strappy mini – so you can count on looking fab when rocking this 90s trend. Alternatively, opt for satin slip skirts and pair them up with a crop tee or a vintage graphic tee and platform sneakers for a modern spin on a 90s classic.