The secret of the popularity of a black dress is its versatility and how you style it. Discover the best accessories for black dresses here.

While the little black dress (LBD) is an absolute closet staple, you don't have to stick to the same jewelry with your black dress.

The key to accessorizing your LBD is to try new things and to have fun with it. Here are some of the best accessories for black dresses for any occasion. 

Colorful Jewelry

A little pop of color can infuse some personality into your little black dress. Neon colors add some sass while pastels and gemstones give elegance and class.

Whether you choose a necklace, earrings or bracelets, a bright color can totally change the look of your black dress. 

It's wise to choose colorful jewelry to wear with your black dress for weddings so that you don't look like you are in mourning. You can get an ocean bracelet if you want to be eco-friendly as well.

Sweaters, Shrugs, and Shirts

You don't have to rely on jewelry to accessorize your black dress. A sweater or shrug not only changes the look of your dress but also keeps you warm if you will be outdoors or in a chilly air-conditioned venue.

A cute cardigan is a simple addition that can tuck into your purse if you decide to take it off later.

Also, you can add interest and layers by wearing a white, button-down shirt under your little black dress. Check out #10 on this list to see how cute this style can look. 

The monochromatic combination and daring style is sure to turn heads in your direction. 

Belts or Waist Cinch

One of the best accessories for a black dress is a belt or waist cinch. These add visual interest as well as a little extra shape.

Adding a bit of color to the midline of the dress is a great idea.  

Hats or Hair Accessories

A cute fascinator or adornments in your hair can make a big statement together with your black dress.

Hair accessories range from regal to edgy. There's sure to be a style that helps you achieve the look you're hoping for. 


Whoever said shoes are not an accessory was dead wrong. Footwear matters when you accessorize your little black dress.

Choose a colorful heel, a bold print or a sexy nude. Just avoid all black with your black dress or you will look like you are headed to a funeral. Plus, that's boring! 

Animal Print

Another great way to sprinkle in a big scoop of personality is to choose animal print accessories for black dresses.

A zebra or leopard print scarf, shoes or belt will raise the stakes on your outfit. If you're not that daring, opt for an animal print earrings or bangle bracelets.

Graceful Pearls

Harness your inner Audrey Hepburn with a classic pearl necklace over your little black dress. It's timeless and elegant. You can't go wrong with this look for an important dinner party or corporate event.

Be sure to choose pearls that are large enough to be seen. You don't want them to get lost in the background of the dress. 

Precious Metals

Another classic choice is to go with all gold jewelry with your little black dress. A set of gold rings paired with gold statement earrings will wow everyone you meet.

Black naturally sets off the shine and sleekness of precious metals which makes a black dress with gold accessories a match made in heaven.

Think About the Style of Your Dress

Now that we've looked at some of the options for accessorizing your black dress, let's explore how different cuts and styles impact the look you are going for.


A classic black dress goes to the knees and looks at home in the office and at a restaurant.

A sheath dress is a classic and versatile black dress. You are best off with traditional metals, pearls or crystals for this style.  

Unusual Cut

It's fun to take a twist on the standard little black dress by choosing one in an unusual cut. Or maybe your LBD has embroidery, patterns or has a definitive texture.

In this case, you want to avoid going overboard. Elegant jewelry like a thin chain bracelet and studded earrings are best. 

If you have a dress with an asymmetrical or triangular neckline, a large pendant is a perfect accessory. You can also choose a bracelet or earrings of similar metal.


A strapless black dress is the most uninhibited variety of little black dresses. You can choose any style and shape of the necklace you want!

For an elegant look, choose round accessories to emphasize your neck. 

Long Black Dress

A long black dress is best reserved for evening events. Most often, you'll find these in velvet, satin, chiffon.

Diamonds and crystal accessories will help this dress look luxurious. 

Plunging or V-Neck

For a V-neckline, select a short necklace with a pendant that makes the shape of the letter Y. A multi-layer necklace works very well with a V-neck as well.

If you have a plunging dress, you may want to stick to earrings and bracelets to avoid interrupting the long, flowing lines of your dress.

You Can't Have Too Many Accessories for Black Dresses

The best thing about your little black dress is that it is possible to wear it so many ways! It is no doubt one of the most used items in your wardrobe thanks to its versatility.

In terms of accessories for black dresses, as soon as you know the look you are going for, it is easy to find the right items to enhance the look.

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