As you all know, it has been 5 years since Newchic officially stepped into the fashion business. We have no words to thank you all for the support you have given us. As a good gesture for all your support, we have decided to launch an amazing Newchic 5th-anniversary sale discount. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

For the Newchic 5th anniversary, we have designed three fun stages for all of you, with which come a lot of benefits for those who are making purchases. The three stages are a warm-up sale, crazy shopping and thank and reward. Let’s talk about more about the Newchic 5th-anniversary sale discount, which you guys will be enjoying. How about discussing each stage in detail to get a better understanding? Well, let’s start from the first stage

The warm-up sale

This would be the launching stage of Newchic 5th anniversary, which will allow you guys to enjoy many different discounts until the main celebration. We are offering the promotion stated below on this launching event:

3000 coupons
Playing the lucky draw
Vote to win 50000 points

The 3000 coupons part comes along with sales discounts, and the lucky draw is even more fun. Participants could play this lucky draw once a day and even got a chance to participate in three lucky draws by just sharing our page. The last activity was only available on our mobile app, but we have now widened our hirizons.

Crazy shopping 

This is the best thing that could have ever happened to our shoppers. They get the best sales discounts on Newchic 5th anniversary. The customers availed a chance of getting a huge number of coupons during the party time along with free shipments for the customers for all the products to any country. This wasn’t it; Newchic came up with something more special just for its VIP customers, as they got an exclusive 20% discount. The games for this second event included the following:

Money off coupons
The US $5.55 deals
Free shipping for any product of any amount to any country 
Discounts for VIP customer
Cut the cake

Cut the cake

Cutting the cake is a game for the customer to be played on a daily basis, which was a lot of fun as they got a chance to win prizes such as the US $5000 along with free gifts. To make the game more interesting and to give more chance to the customers, Newchic decided to give extra chances to the ones who shared the game with their friends. Amazing right? Well, yes.

This is the last stage which was designed to make sure that our customers get all deserved fun and no one is left out. For the ones who felt that the previous stages weren’t enough, we designed this stage for them in which we offered the following and much more:

Money off coupons
App-only shopping Preferential privileges
Free shipping deal
VIP Discounts (Exclusive 20% off)
Unlock Free Add-on Prices Order over US$60

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