New research collected by reputation management company TrustYou reveals that one of the biggest complaints that hotels receive from visitors' has to do with their bathroom design.

Such reviews can often be found on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Twitter. In response, some hotels have decided to try and improve their bathroom experience to get on their visitors good side:

Dim Lighting

The thing about bathroom lighting is that there’s usually not enough of it. Many boutique hotels seem to favor dimmed, sexier lighting. Wyndham Worldwide has now introduce Hollywood mirrors that provides light from several angles. Other hotels like Westin and Sheraton are switching from the yellow glow of compact fluorescent bulbs to LED lights, which provide full spectrum, brighter light.

Pale Colors

The Westin has also started installing lighter-colored countertops in their bathrooms that allow the light to bounce off the surrounding surfaces.

Better Toiletries

Marriott has revealed plans to stock bathrooms with plusher towels and new hair care products.

Better Blowdryers

Marriot will also be increasing the wattage of their hairdryers.

No more Bathtubs

While bath might seem like a luxury, the tub is more likely to be underutilized and take up way too much space.
Hotel companies like Wyndham plan to use overhead rainfall showerheads and hand-held showerheads to create a more indulgent shower experience.

Larger showers also allow for shower benches that can cater to older and larger guests. Other smaller design details include shower curtains with “peek-a-boo” netting that allow for more airiness than traditional shower curtains.

Sliding doors

Westin and Marriott will replace traditional swinging door with bathroom sliding doors as way to streamline access in and out of these rooms, while creating a sense of airiness and space.

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