With plenty of tasks and expenses to take care of every week, most of us don’t call in contractors to do jobs around our homes or investment properties unless it’s urgent. 

However, keep in mind that as costly and inconvenient as this work may be, it’s usually better to get problems addressed sooner rather than later, so they don’t turn into much bigger ones. This situation is particularly the case when it comes to plumbing. Check out the following signs that indicate you need to hire a plumber ASAP for your property.

No Water or Zero Hot Water

One of the most obvious signs it’s time to find a plumber is when you don’t have any liquid coming through your faucets. A lack of water indicates you could have a blocked main pipe, or there could be a big leak somewhere or some other issue at play. You probably won’t be able to solve any of these things yourself, so it’s best to call in a professional.

Sometimes people find they have water coming through, but it’s not getting warm, no matter how far they have their tap turned to hot. If you’re struggling to get heated water, you could have a malfunctioning electric or gas water heater. This often happens when sediment collects inside the water tank over the years, and the build-up becomes severe. At this point, there’s less room for warm water in the tank. Plumbers can check to see what exactly is causing the problem. If a limescale build-up is the culprit, they can remove the excess minerals and generally tune-up your water heater. 

Leaks and Evident Water Damage

Another visible sign you might see inside or outside your home is a leak, either one causing bursts of water to flow out when it shouldn’t, or causing a slowly dripping faucet, or anything in between. Many leaks are minor issues and can be fixed by changing the washer or making a plumbing connection tighter. 

However, if your pipes or fittings are old or if you have a big hole or broken pipe, you may need more extensive plumbing work. You could require a plumber to replace or repair pipes, reduce too-high water pressure, or replace faucets, valves, or other parts. 

On some occasions, you may notice evident water damage inside your home but not know where the problem stems from. For example, there could be a slow (or fast) leak happening inside walls, such as those related to your bath or shower, or a burst pipe in the attic or other spot that’s not visible. Any time you notice water damage, call a plumber so they can find the cause and attend to it right away. 

Water Heater Needs Replacing

Like other appliances, water heaters break down over time. They can also be inappropriate sizes for a family’s needs. If you’re having plumbing problems, such as continually running out of hot water due to a too-small water heater tank, or you notice your hot water heater is “sweating,” or there seems to be a pilot light failure, you may need to buy a new unit.

Have water heaters installed by professional, experienced plumbers. This not only ensures the units work correctly but also that you don’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. Plumbers can usually remove and dispose of old units too, which will save you time and energy. These products are heavy and require cautious handling. 

Also, it pays to invest in quality home warranty, such as that sold by American Home Shield. Home warranty products cover appliances and other systems inside the home that can break down over time. Buy this cover, and you’ll not have to worry or fork out more money if you need repairs or maintenance work done during the years. 

Dodgy Water Pressure

We all like a shower with decent water pressure. If you notice you have low water pressure that’s becoming a pain, you may need to call in a plumber. A common cause of reduced water flow is a dirty sink aerator or hard water and mineral deposits clogging small openings in showerheads. 

Reduced pressure can also result from a broken water regulator, clogged pipes, or leaking or broken pipes. If simple fixes you try yourself, such as removing and cleaning the aerator, soaking your showerhead in a bag of vinegar, or de-clogging pipes don’t work, call in a plumber to investigate. There could be deeper issues at play. 

These are just some of the signs you might notice that point to the need to hire a plumber. Other indications include continually frozen pipes, overflowing toilets, bad odors or weird sounds related to pipes and drains, and rusty water. Don’t delay getting assistance from an expert, as small plumbing problems can quickly turn into harmful and expensive ones.